5 Pakistanis Arrested for Murder Charge of an Afghani in Romania

ISLAMABAD: 03 Feb 2024 – The judge of rights and freedoms of the Timiş Court ordered, on Friday night, the measure of preventive arrest for 30 days, for murder, on behalf of five Pakistani citizens, accused of killing an Afghan migrant on a street in Timisoara.
The prosecutor’s office attached to the Timiş Court announced that, from the evidence administered in the case up to this moment, it resulted that five Pakistani citizens committed the crime of murder in co-authorship against an Afghan citizen, on a street in the municipality of Timișoara, according to a statement cited by Agerpres.
On January 31, at around 10:18 p.m., a witness called the 112 emergency service, noting that there was a person lying on the side of the road on Căprioarei Street and it seems that traces of blood can be observed near him. The police moved to the spot and found that what the witness reported was confirmed. They found a deceased man on the roadway, who had several stab wounds on his body.
Violent crime on the street From the evidence administered in the case up to this moment, it emerged that five Pakistani citizens jointly committed the crime of murder against an Afghan citizen, consisting of the fact that on January 31, around 10:08 p.m., during who were on Căprioarei Street in Timișoara, following a spontaneous conflict, physically assaulted the male victim, hitting him with knives, with his feet, as well as with a blunt object (a metal pipe), causing the victim several injuries traumatic events, which led to her death on the same date and in the same place, say the prosecutors.
Carrying out checks in order to identify the perpetrators of the act, the police bodies detected during the evening of February 1, within the radius of Bucharest, a group of six Pakistani citizens, with reasonable suspicions that the perpetrators of the investigated act are among them. At the same time, there was a reasonable suspicion that they intended to fraudulently leave the territory of Romania, trying to evade criminal prosecution. Thus, they were picked up, being taken during the night from Thursday to Friday to the headquarters of the judicial bodies in Timisoara.

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Arrested for 30 days Following the hearings conducted by the case prosecutor, supported by the criminal investigation bodies, on Friday, it was ordered to take the preventive measure of detention for 24 hours against five Pakistani citizens, for murder.
On the same date, the prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Timiş Court ordered the initiation of the criminal action and proposed the preventive arrest of the five defendants, being referred to the judge of rights and freedoms from the Timiş Court.
Following the settlement of the proposal, the judge of rights and liberties ordered the preventive arrest of all defendants for a period of 30 days.
The research in this file was carried out with the support of the police bodies of the Timiş Police – Criminal Investigation Service, Timiş Police – Criminalistic Service, IGPR – Special Operations Directorate – Bucharest Special Operations Bureau, Bucharest Sector 3 Police – Criminal Investigation Service , Timiş Special Actions Service.
The initiation of the criminal action and the taking of a preventive measure cannot, in any case, defeat the presumption of innocence, the defendants being presumed innocent until a definitive solution is pronounced in the case.
Courtesy : https://www.digi24.ro/stiri/actualitate/justitie/cinci-pakistanezi-au-fost-arestati-pentru-uciderea-unui-migrant-afgan-pe-strada-in-timisoara-2673675

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