Ambassador Lakomov ; 8 Eventful Years in Pakistan by Tazeen Akhtar


Tazeen Akhtar

Ambassador of Ukraine to Pakistan H.E Volodymyr Lakomov completed his 8 years tenure of serving his country in Pakistan last week and left for home for further future plans. He spent an eventful time here and delivered in diversity of sectors in building bilateral relations. Ukraine and Pakistan were never as much close in the history of diplomatic relations as were during his appointment. Mr Vlad Lakomov has left a legacy of close cordial and increasing cooperation between two nations. No doubt defence was the most growing sector in mutual bonds but he tried his utmost to bring development in civil sectors as well.

Ambassador Lakomov ,on his departure, has recalled his working with the government , civil society, businessman community and media of Pakistan. He is thankful to all and wishes the best for Pakistan. Here is the text of his message on his departure;

Dear friends!

After 8 years of productive work in Pakistan, I am leaving your beautiful country on the eve of the Independence Day. I’d like to take this opportunity for wishing all my friends and colleagues, as well as the whole friendly Pakistani nation prosperity, stability and progress.
It is especially important these days, when every country in the world has a lot of the new challenges. Undoubtedly, we are living in an extremely difficult time, which makes all of us restricted in every sphere of our activity – job, social communication and religious duties. To combat the coronavirus crises effectively, we need a solidarity, as only the collaboration and strong common concern may help us to overcome the situation.

With this regard, it seems that Pakistan is among the countries, which perform an effective teamwork of handling the crises. We appreciate both the government’s approach and the civil society efforts. My special thanks to the officials and MOFA in particular for taking care of the diplomats, for providing us an updated information about the situation in the country.

Pakistan is a strong nation. There is no doubt that you will overcome this situation and learn from it how to manage another crisis. What is more, the world will learn from your experience of successful management and effective combination of smart quarantine and further economic development.

Today’s Pakistan is an active actor on international stage and a well-known participant of many important global as well as regional initiatives. Your initiatives on peace-making process in Afghanistan are widely acknowledged, your struggle for human rights’ protection is the best demonstration of the basic principles of internal and external policy. Your projects like “Green and Clean Pakistan” among the brightest ones to protect our environment. I wish you all the success in implementing these initiatives and projects.

Dear Pakistani friends!

Last 8 years of my life spent in your country were full of new cultural experience and extremely rich on communication with different people. The main thing I found out is the common spirit of friendship and tolerance, cultural inter-connections and strong intention to know each other better. I am sure Ukraine-Pakistan friendship will flourish and our nations will celebrate the progress and success together.

The administration of Magazine Pakistan in the World under the supervision of its Editor Mr Tazeen Akhtar feels honored working with Embassy of Ukraine to Pakistan with the leadership of Ambassador Vlad Lakomov for enhancing the knowledge about Ukraine in Pakistan and in this way playing a role in increasing the mutual cooperation in different fields like trade, education, business, culture, sports and defence.

20 Aug 2020


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