FIA Foils Smuggling of Women to Saudi Arabia – Suspected Beggar Family also Offloaded at Multan Airport

MULTAN/ISLAMABAD: The Immigration division of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) intervened at Multan International Airport, thwarting an attempt to smuggle women overseas for potential exploitation.
FIA personnel intercepted and removed four female passengers who were about to depart abroad.
These women lacked proper hotel bookings and were suspected to be victims of exploitation, as their visas and tickets had been facilitated by a travel agent.
Furthermore, the FIA intervened with a 16-member family destined for Saudi Arabia, suspected of planning to beg. This family, including an infant, had secured Umrah visas, with arrangements made by three separate travel agents for their accommodation and meals in Saudi Arabia.
Shockingly, it was discovered that half of the alms the family collected were to be surrendered to the agent.
A case has been filed against all members of the family by the FIA spokesperson.
It has come to light that the agent demanded half of the income to be generated from begging in Saudi Arabia. These funds were actively designated for the family as alms. Consequently, the FIA spokesperson has confirmed filing a case against all family members.
Multan appears to be the hotspot for the travel agents to send beggars to Saudi Arabia through Multan International Airport.
Notably, the Federal Investigation Agency took the action on the complaints of Saudi Arabia and a couple of other brotherly countries who pointed out presence of scores of Pakistani beggars.
Consequently, the Interior Ministry has directed the FIA’s Immigration department to eliminate smuggling of women and beggars from any of the airports in the country.
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