Indonesia Can Import Pakistani Dairy Products if They are Cheaper than Australian : Jodi Salahuddin Akbar

Tazeen Akhtar
Jakarta: 25 Oct 2023 – Mr. Jodi Salahuddin Akbar, Director of International Public Relation, Indonesian Muslim Entrepreneur Community has said that Indonesia imports dairy products mainly from Australia but yes we can explore more markets including Pakistan. We can see what is the uniqueness of dairy products of Pakistan. How it is different from Australia. If it is cheaper for Indonesia from Pakistan than Australia. We can trade and exchange our knowledge on this sector. I think Pakistani products should be cheaper than Australia because of less labor costs.
He said this in an interview to Pakistan in the World at the sidelines of Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival”  (ISEF) in collaboration with Halal Expo Indonesia (HEI) at  Jakarta Convention Center where the Festival is presenting the Halal sector of economy, finance, food and fashion together under one roof from 25 to 29 Oct 2023 offline while it will continue online through Oct to Dec 2023.
Mr. Akbar welcomed Pakistani editors and shared the details of the ISEF. He took the editors to different stalls and further explained the objectives of the event.
He said that ISEF is the largest and the most integrated event in Indonesia on the topic. The theme this year is “Accelerating Sharia economy and finance through digitalization for inclusive and sustainable growth.
The next day on 26 Oct , Indonesian Vice President and Chairperson of the National Committee of Sharia Economy and Finance (KNEKS) Ma’ruf Amin launched the Indonesian Halal Industry Master Plan (MPIHI) 2023–2029 at the opening of the  Festival .
Mr. Akbar shared that the master plan is described through a roadmap for the development of the halal industry through the implementation of four main strategies, namely increasing productivity and competitiveness, implementing and strengthening policies and regulations, strengthening finance and infrastructure, and strengthening the halal brand and awareness.

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He was highly optimistic about the joint ventures with Pakistan in Halal food, fashion and Sharia Economics. He showed keen interest in the related sectors of Pakistan. He appreciated the keenness of Pakistani business delegates to bridging the gaps and enhancing bilateral trade.
He said that Sharia Economic in our banking sector is being introduced and promoted through the exhibitions and seminars and ISEF is in the same connection. Here it is worth mentioning that three business delegations from Islamabad, Faisalabad and Karachi participated in Trade Expo Indonesia that started on 18 Oct. They also attended the meetings and held conversations with local industry in Halal sector as well.
The discussion revolved around the strengthen sharia economy in Indonesia by establishing milestones, focusing on legal aspects, Islamic financial literacy, stakeholder involvement and digital economy.
Mr. Jodi Salahuddin Akbar and Pakistani editors also shared views on  the sole trillion-dollar country in South East Asia and a G-20 member, Indonesia offers substantial development potential for Sharia-based financing and the booming halal industry, which includes food, tourism, fashion and banking. Ranked 14th in area, 4th in population, 16th in GDP, and 28th in exports value with USD 320 billion export value last year, Indonesia is world’s largest Muslim population and a robust and growing middle-income consumer market.
The global halal market industry of USD292 billion Indonesia ranked 10th that indicates Indonesia’s global market prospects are bright given that the halal industries of processed food and beverages, fashion & apparels and medicines & cosmetics were experiencing high growth both domestically and internationally.

“Accelerating Sharia Economy & Finance through Digitaliztion for Inclusive & Sustainable Growth” – Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival brings Variety of Activities


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