Innocent Prime Minister of Canada Sandwich btw Two Pakistani Self Styled Jehadis- by – Tazeen Akhtar


    Tazeen Akhtar / Islamabad / Pakistan / 20 May 2023

    Innocent Canadian Prime Minister is factually a sandwich between two self styled Jehadi’s of Pakistan.Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri. Question is ” he can not find a way out or it is a set strategy? The Letter of 16 members of Canada Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group to Prime Minister Trudeau is being seen as intervention in Pakistani affairs that will not be tolerated at any cost. The members have signed the letter as well as claimed to have support from what they say ” Thousands of Canadians of Pakistani Heritage.” The members have expressed grave concern over the situation unfolding in Pakistan but ignoring the factual evidences and incidents of violence, sabotage, terrorism.

    Only 5 members are of Pakistani orgin including Salma Zahid Chair of Fiendship Group. Others are Shafqat Ali, Iqra Khalid,Yasir Naqvi, Sameer Zuberi. The rest 11 are from other backgrounds , Canadian or other countries. Non Pakistani background members are Michael Coteau, Faycal El-Khoury, Taleeb Noormohamed, Ruby Sahota, Shaun Chen, Suck Dhaliwal, Adam van Koeverden, Jennifer O’Connell, Paul Chiang, Terry Duguid, Brad Redekopp.
    Before going into the details of the letter and the omissions of facts in the expression of concerns, we can recall how a Canadian Parliamentarian reacted against former PM Nawaz Sharif in the house in the past. He was clearly more personal than factual against one political party of Pakistan.
    PTI is a popular party in Canada and receives heavy donations from Pakistani diaspora. Therefore most of the MPs are elected with their votes and other non Pakistani origin members also toe the line of the Pakistani diaspora most often.Here matter of more importance is ” What is the role of Canadian Government and its Innocent Prime Minister in the support the two Jehadi leaders extract from the Canadian territories?
    The Ambassador Zaheer A. Janjua is supposed to clear the real picture of Pakistani politics and the severity of the recent incidents in Pakistan on the Pakistani diaspora and the Canadian government as well as the members who are mostly caring for Pakistan rather Canada from where they have secured votes to go into the Parliament.
    “We note the Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s arrest illegal and unjust. The actions aimed at any Pakistani or individual for that matter strikes at the very core of what we stand for as Canadians and as a leading international democracy.We have deep concern about the strength of democracy, the rule of law and freedom of expression in Pakistan, The letter reads.
    Astonishingly, the members have not taken any note of what happened in Pakistan from 9 May to 11 May in Pakistan on the instigation of PTI leaders. Honorable members urge their Prime Minister to raise voice on right to peaceful protest to be respected. But they do not bother to comment on the attacks on Radio Pakistan Peshawer, Corp Commander House, PAF base Mianwali, General Headquarters, Rangers post in Karachi and other government and military buildings and installations by the uncontrolled unstoppable violent mobs consisting of PTI supporters and leaders.
    The members who are highly disturbed on the arrests of PTI violent workers have not expressed themselves that political workers indulge in such heinous acts anywhere?
    The members write ” We don’t know the veracity of the charges former PM Khan faces. But we believe as in any democratic nations those charges should be aired promptly and fully in open court and the independent legal system be allowed to do its work” – Here the members are clear ignoring the facts that everything about Al-Qadir Trust Case has been shared and aired by the government.
    It started from National Crime Agency of UK and ended in Supreme Court of Pakistan. Imran Khan is being summoned in the civilian courts again and again but he disobeyed and his workers responded in violence in Lahore and Islamabad.
    The members have objected on the cases of riots in military courts according to Army Act. They say, ” Anyone charged should have their cases heard in a civilian court.”
    Firstly, the members should also speak on how much respect the angry mobs have for civilian courts. It is now history of disrespecting the civilian courts by the Leader of PTI himself. His gestures are copied by his followers. The incidents in the month of March at Zaman Park Lahore and in front of Islamabad High court can be reviewed from the record of the history and social media.
    Secondly, the mobs that destroyed military installations in different cities of Pakistan certainly have special training and they also have strength from somewhere. How they can be controlled or brought to justice by civilian courts?
    Thirdly, government of Pakistan has already given no objection certificate to the hearings in military courts. It is only because of the severity of the protests and targeting the military buildings by design. It speaks a lot that it was not a protest only but it was something else even we dont term it as subversion and terrorism.
    Imran Khan’s videos can easily be seen in which he is instigating the workers to do everything possible against the government and the military. He and his allies have been calling upon the workers to attack and burn government buildings. Most recently, Mr. Khan at many occasions found terming it “Jehad” against the thieves and dacoits, his own rhetoric that he could never prove even in his own government.
    The concerned members of the Canadian Parliament can comment on Imran’s Jehad against the government and military of Pakistan. Calling the people for Jehad against Canadian gov and military is possible for any party leader in Canada?
    The members can also come clear on what they did when another Jehadi , Tahir ul Qadri thrice came from Canada to Pakistan only to throw the government out and returned failed after having deals?

    The members can elaborate how a no confidence move in the parliament can be called as non democratic act? Is it possible that no trust move is in the house and the house is dissolved? Is it possible that no trust is successful and Imran is not ready to quit the charge? Can Mr. Trudeau do this in Canada? The members please say something on Canadian Citizen TuQ shows up in Islamabad and prepares suicide attackers symbolically and present them in front of Parliament House. Is it Canadian tradition? Should not you first write a letter to Mr. Trudeau to stop TuQ from these anti state activities in Pakistan? 


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