Pakistan is a unique country of the world with many respects and aspects.
For example
1; A few countries came into existence altering the map of the world and Pakistan is one of them.
2; Pakistan not only changed the world map but her own map was also changed only after 24 years of existence and a new
country Bangla Desh was established in 1971.
3; Pakistan came into being on an ideology that Muslims of United India are separate nation from Hindus.
4; It is also a bitter reality that the bigger number of Muslims remained in India.
5; Pakistan changed the map of the world but her own map is still incomplete….Kashmir is still occupied by India and Pakistan could notget back what she describes her Shah Rag….Life Line
6; Pakistan was formed by democratic process but remained under dictatorial rule mostly…..more than half of her history.
7; Pakistan was the biggest  country of the Muslim world and fifth bigger nation in the whole world from 1947 to 1971. Now third biggest in Muslim world and 7th biggest in the whole world.
8; First nuclear power in the Muslim world and still facing energy crises as well………Best record holder of nuclear safety in the world but still giving explanations to the international community that her program is safe………..
9; One of the biggest contributors in the U.N.O peace keeping missions and still the target of  criticism from some major countries for non peace activities.
10; One and only country of the globe that sacrificed more than 35 thousand countrymen and a financial damage of more than 100 billion dollars only for the peace of the world in the war against terror.
In short, we may have many negative aspects but we present many positive examples also as no nation of the world is hundred percent complete and perfect. Important thing is that who addresses his/her shortcomings and who stands stubborn.
Pakistan is delivering a lot to the world community sometimes more than her abilities and resources and capacities. Pakistanis living in different countries are contributing in their development and prosperity enthusiastically. Many of countries are also going shoulder by shoulder with Pakistan for our betterment.
www.pakistanintheworld.com has been launched with a vision to highlight the activities and actions that are being undertaken for Pakistan inside as well as outside of Pakistan.
Either they are oversees Pakistanis, diplomatic community, World Governments, Institutions or anyone else.

We would flash all that is positive regarding promotion of confidence between the nations, that can bring them closer for mutual benefit, that can create and strengthen people to people contacts and that can make the world the best place for living. And that can make this planet a true heaven of peace, integrity, harmony, love and understanding for our future generations,,,for our children who are our whole world,,,the real world…………………………………………………..
Tazeen Akhtar