Palestine condemns the ferocious attack prepared in advance against the President

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Palestine has strongly condemned the fierce attack in which a number of countries and their representatives participated against President Mahmoud Abbas, and considers it an extension of prejudices and positions and an integral part of malicious political schemes to undermine the cause and rights of our people, and a clear attempt to manipulate the Palestinian arena in a pre-prepared, unjustified and unjustified manner.
In any case, this is through intentional distortion of some of the quotes and sayings quoted by international researchers and academics made by President Mahmoud Abbas, deliberately taken out of context to serve the purposes and objectives of those conspiracy schemes.
The Ministry expresses its deep astonishment at the attempts of some countries to link these quotes to (anti-Semitism) in an openly hostile manner charged with verbal and arrogant intimidation.
The Ministry strongly rejects the practice of this intellectual political terrorism against the Palestinian people, whose leadership has repeatedly declared its condemnation of the Holocaust as the most heinous crime against humanity.
Immediately, it would have been more appropriate for those parties aligned with the wrong side of history to review the recording to verify the validity or incorrectness of the claim of the party that promoted this lie, or to contact the Palestinian side officially to request clarification on this issue, before launching the arrows of its aggression and poison in a language unworthy of states. And the relationships between them.


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