Renown Philanthropist, Businessman Isfanyar Bhandara MNA Appointed Advisor in Federal Government of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Federal Government has appointed Mr. Isfanyar Bhandara as Advisor to Prime Minister. His portfolios has not been announced but soon will be notified. Isfanyar Bhandara is Member National Assembly. He is renown name among the non Muslim Pakistanis who and their families have contributed a lot toward the development of the country and promotion of interfaith harmony.
His late father Mr. M.P Bhandara has also represented the non Muslim Pakistanis in the Parliament. Isfanyar Bhandara is equally respected in Muslim and non Muslim circles of society and politics. He is the most popular leader of all non Muslim Pakistanis including Parsis, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and other. Isfanyar Bhandara has served as MNA during 2013 to 2018 as well.
(Former MNA Asia Nasir called on Isfanyar Bhandara and congratulated him on his appointment as advisor in federal government )
Isfanyar Bhandara is among few high qualified parliamentarians in Pakistan. He holds a Master Degree in Business & Administration. He attended various LUMS workshops on business. He completed Directors ‘ Training Program from Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance.
He is currently President of Rawalpindi Parsi Anjuman.He is representing and helping Parsi, Sikhs, Baha’is, Buddhists, Kalash communities and doing other social and welfare activities.
He also contributes a lot in the promotion of sports activities. Murree Brewery Polo Cup is the traditional annual sports activity of his organization. His appointment as advisor has been welcomed by all non Muslim communities as well as other circles of society who say that Pakistan needs representatives like Mr. Isfan Yaar Bhandara who are educated and patriot and can do a lot for their country and countrymen.


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