Russia not able to Interfere with Ukraine’s Cooperation with Pakistan in Defense ‎

Генеральный директор Государственной компании “Укрспецэкспорт” Вадим Ноздря во время пресс-конференции в Киеве, 8 октября 2020 г. Фото Юнус Ердогду / УНИАН

Recently, SC “Ukrspecexport” provided a 30% advance from the Pakistani side under this contract, the total amount of which is $ 85.6 million. These funds will soon be transferred to the Malyshev Plant and other enterprises involved in the implementation of the Pakistani contract. Production processes at the plant, which has almost idlysed in recent years without orders, are gaining momentum, the management of the enterprise can more confidently plan the production process, and the labor collective can count on decent wages.‎

‎But the main thing, in my opinion, is that the increase in the dynamics of defense partnership between Ukraine and Pakistan after many years of cooperation turned into the first significant results. It’s not just about this new contract. In fact, this year, in the interests of Ukrainian manufacturers, sc “Ukrspecexport” confidently won at least ten tenders, and concluded contracts for a total amount of more than $ 140 million. And this work continues! It is important not only to conclude, but also to ensure the execution of contracts. This involves rhythmic financing of production, timely delivery and technical support in the customer’s country.‎

‎It should be noted that it was at this time last year that the information space was filled with publications of not always known authors about the “failure in Pakistan”, “loss of the strategic arms market” and other “betrayals”. However, not in a word, but with real cases, we prove that Ukraine is not going to lose its position in strategic markets. And the “effective managers” of Yanukovych’s time, who lingered in the industry in the period 2014-2019, were finally squeezed out of the system of state relations, where they tried to build their own business until the last, and sometimes worked in favor of other competing countries.‎

‎Returning to the real state of affairs, I must note that military-technical cooperation between Ukraine and Pakistan over the past year and a half has, indeed, acquired a new breath. Behind this is systemic and painstaking work, which is not immediately given a mark. Nevertheless, only during 2020 there were 17 working visits to Ukraine of Pakistani delegations, which had the opportunity to clearly check the readiness of domestic defense enterprises to fulfill current and future contracts. In turn, Ukrspecexport specialists made ten working trips to Pakistan last year.‎

‎Confirmation of deepening relations between Ukraine and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the field of MTC was the International Exhibition of Weapons IDEX-2021, within which, in fact, an almost 86 million contract for the repair of tanks was signed.‎

‎The remnants of doubt that in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan again treat Ukraine as a reliable strategic partner,‎‎ ‎‎dispelled the arrival in our country in May this year of the Commander-in-Chief of the IRP Army General‎‎ Qamar Javed Bajva.‎‎ In the history of Ukrainian-Pakistani relations, the visit of such a high level took place for the first time. ‎‎ ‎‎Its results were confirmed by Pakistan as a country developing‎‎ a program of high-precision and tank weapons‎‎ and has significant military-industrial ambitions, interested in cooperation with Ukraine.‎

‎By the way, all this was very painfully perceived in the Kremlin, which in the framework of the hybrid war against Ukraine launched a powerful information campaign aimed at discrediting it as a reliable partner in the field of MTC. On the eve of General Bajva’s visit to Kyiv, the Russian media, and from their submission, oddly enough, some Ukrainian media, a series of publications of a manipulative and propaganda nature, tried to impose the opinion on the inability of the flagship of the tank-building industry of Ukraine – the Malyshev Kharkiv Plant to fulfill ‎‎the order of the Pakistani side‎‎.‎

Пакистан танк Al-Khalid Фото:
‎Pakistan, al-Khalid tank. Photo:‎

‎And as soon as it became known that an advance payment was received from Pakistan to Ukraine, a new media wave of dirt was launched from Moscow. Analysis of the information space only within one day showed that emissions of distorted and distorted information about the state of affairs at the Malyshev Plant were picked up from a dozen so-called draining sites and bot sites.‎

‎Thus, Russian information special operations peddle both Ukrainian arms manufacturers and domestic special exporters. However, on the other hand, they prove that we are moving in the right direction and achieve significant results along the way. In general, only in the armored sphere of military-technical cooperation, the volume of export contracts has already increased several times. At the same time, new areas of cooperation with the Air Force and other customers from this country have been opened.‎

‎It remains to be added that in the near future it is expected to visit Ukraine of the next delegation of the leadership of the army of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which should result in the signing of new contracts for the supply of the latest products of the defense enterprises of Ukraine. The leaders of the Pakistani military-industrial complex intend to continue cooperation with Ukraine, deepen production cooperation and purchase new weapons samples. This is our historic chance not to lose, but to increase, preserve and develop our military-industrial potential.‎

‎ ‎‎Vadym Nozdria, ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎GENERAL Director of the State Company “Ukrspecexport”‎‎ ‎

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