6 Arrested in Spain Return Sisters’ Murder including Brother & Uncle

Gujrat: Police arrested six men for their alleged involvement in the murder of two Spain return sisters of Pakistan in Gujrat on Sunday 22 May 2022. According to an official statement, the two sisters were killed in the name of “honour” on Saturday and the accused have confessed to being involved in the murder
In a press conference, District Police Officer Gujrat Ata-ur-Rehman stated that the two sisters were allegedly killed by their brother and uncle for not complying as they were forcefully married within the family.
The two victims, Anisa Abbas (24) and Arooj Abbas (21), wanted to separate from their Pakistani husbands and were forcibly called from Spain to Gujarat, where they were strangled and shot dead on Friday night, said police.
The arrested persons included Shehryar (brother), Muhammad Hanif (uncle), Qasid, Atiq, Hassan and Asfandyar.
According to the Punjab Police spokesperson, a case of the incident has been registered while the investigation is being carried out from all angles.
It may be recalled that Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz had taken notice of the murder of two sisters within the limits of Galyana Police Station in Gujarat and demanded a report from the inspector general of Police.


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