Azerbaijan Appreciates & Honors Pakistani Officials & Press for their Support in War


Tazeen Akhtar

Pictures by – Shahid Raju, Sultan Bashir, Ramzan Moghal

Government of Azerbaijan remembers and honors those who supported the plight of people of Nagorno-Karabakh and stood shoulder by shoulder with Azerbaijan Armed Forces in thwarting the aggression of Armenia from Sep 27, 2020 to Nov 10, 2020. Valiant forces of brotherly country not only defeated the enemy but liberated many illegally occupied territories from Armenian hold.

Azerbaijan has presented high civil awards to Pakistani officials in recognition of their undaunted consistent support to their brothers and sisters who offered sacrifices of lives and assets at the fronts and even at civilian neighborhoods hit by Armenian missiles.

Ambassador Ali Alizade presented the awards to Federal Minister Economic Affairs , Umar Ayub Khan, Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sohail Mehmood and Secretary Federal Public Service Commission Ms Humaira Ahmed in a prestigious ceremony at his residence on June 10, 2021. Pakistani officials thanked for the awards and congratulated Azerbaijan Government, President and the nation on victory against Armenia and on National Salvation Day.

This day is celebrated to commemorate what the national leader Heydar Aliyev did for his nation to save the freedom. Azerbaijan secured independence in Oct 1991 but unfortunately reached to the verge of civil war and chaos in power thirsty politics. Heydar Aliyev was elected Chairman of Supreme Council of Azerbaijan in 1993. It was only then that Azerbaijan observed stability and started moving forward to the development with national unity.

Pakistani Press and TV Media played their due role during this second war imposed by Armenia on Azerbaijan. Editors and representatives received appreciation letters signed by Ambassador Ali Alizade. (Caption; Editor Tazeen Akhtar receiving appreciation letter from Secretary MOFA Sohail Mehmood)

This scribe as regular writer on Azerbaijan at his Urdu, English press, Monthly “Pakistan in the World” ,, Daily Azkaar, also received the letter with honor and pride. Certainly, it was a war between Right and Wrong, Aggressor and Defender. We always stood by the Right and the Defenders.

Ambassador, in his welcome address, said ” National Leader Heydar Aliyev saved the nation from losing the independence. He brought political reforms and introduced the wisely prepared policy guidelines on democracy, human rights, national unity and stability. He erased every negativity from the country leading the nation on the path of progress and prosperity. Now in the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, the successor of the legacy of his great father, Azerbaijan won the war imposed by Armenia. Azerbaijan liberated the territories that were under the illegal occupation of Armenia for 30 years.”

” We are thankful to Pakistan for continued support. MOFA of Pakistan issued statements in our favor during the war. Azerbaijan supports Pakistan on Jammu Kashmir. Both countries have cordial relations since the independence of our country. Pakistan media highlighted the factual situation during the war.” Ambassador noted.

Secretary MOFA, Sohail Mehmood said ” Pakistanis celebrated the victory of Azerbaijan. This was very unique and pleasant phenomenon to observe. Flags of both countries keep hoisting together. This expresses how much warmth is in the hearts of the people for their respective brotherly countries. The two countries will keep this spirit in the future as well and will continue walking side by side.”

Secretary FPSC, Ms Humaira Ahmed congratulated Azerbaijan on success in the challenge posed by the enemy. She wished the best for people and the government of Azerbaijan.

Minister Umar Ayub shed light on the historic back ground of the relations of the two countries. He shared that ” The regions where the two countries are situated are not interconnected for last few decades but the bonds are centuries old. Multan Sarai in Baku, the Capital city of Azerbaijan, is one proof of that historic connection.”

Umar Ayub expressed his observation on the war as well.

” The war proved that the latest technology gives us upper hand on the enemy. It is necessary for winning the wars. Azerbaijan used latest armed drones in the war. Pakistan is also manufacturing state of the art drones. Both countries have great potential of increasing the cooperation in trade and military sectors.” Minister stressed.

Earlier, Ambassador gave a warm welcome to every guest at the entrance of his residence. Family of the Ambassador and the staff of the embassy very amicably arranged the ceremony with full national enthusiasm. A gallery of pictures depicting the independence struggle by the national leader Heydar Aliyev and the selfless hard work done by the President Ilham Aliyev for defence of his nation from Armenian aggression, were displayed in which the guests took immense interest.

Two statues, male and female, in traditional dresses were another attraction for the participants. Delicious food, including Azerbaijani dishes was served to the guests. Young staff member Mr. Elchin Mehdiyev held the stage to conduct the ceremony in highly organized manner.


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