Combing Operation in Bhara Kaho to Avert Child Abduction & Norcotics -DC Islamabad


Tazeen Akhtar

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Mr. Hamzah Shafqaat has said that the murder of 4 years old innocent child in Bhara Kaho is a challenge for us and we have decided to comb this whole area to check all miscreants, extremists and other outlaws. We are inquiring about the identity verification of the tenants of this area. Special directive has been circulated to concerned authorities in this regard.

Deputy Commissioner was talking to the Editor of Pakistan in the World and Daily Azkaar this eve at his office soon after his visit to the aggrieved family of the murdered kid in Bhara Kaho.

He said we are starting massive combing operations in Bara Kahu and Dhok Jillani to clear the area from miscreants and avert any incident of child abduction or narcotics abuse anywhere in Islamabad

Mr Hamzah Shafqaat said that the combing operation in this area will be carried in every two months and no outlaw will be spared. He welcomes suggestions from the Editor to initiate awareness campaign for the parents, the children and the society how to keep a vigilant eye on the crimes against the children. A public awareness message would be prepared to be relayed on mainstream media.

Deputy Commissioner said that the citizens should also come forward to help the administration for creating a safe and secure environment for the children.

Mr. Hamzah Shafqaat answered to our questions about other matters related to the citizen’s welfare in the capital city of Pakistan. He said that Islamabad administration has controlled dengue in a very scientific manner. Public health was not our responsibility when it was taken back last year but as the head of the administration , we felt our responsibility and sought diagnosis from Shifa and Qaid e Azam international hospitals. We controlled the mosquito with mospel and blue light (that attracts the mosquito and kills it with its current). A lotion on the body is also suggested that keeps the mosquito away.

Deputy Commissioner said that now we are on controlling the pollen allergy. He said that when Islamabad’s land was barren when the city construction was started. It was made green by showering the seeds of different plants from the planes. These plants were mostly alien that caused allergy. Now we are replacing the plants with naturally familiar plants that will eradicate the allergy problem from the capital.

Deputy Commissioner said that Goverment has taken right decision to ease the business in the country. He said even in Islamabad doing the business is very difficult. A businessman has to satisfy different departments at one time for the same purpose that is quite disturbing. We need to minimize the number of departments dealing with the business activities.

He said that 8 cooperative housing societies are clear in Islamabad. Total number of registered societies is 43, working are 19, among them NOC of 11 societies is cancelled and we are looking after remaining 8 societies. For that we have only 6 persons staff at cooperative department. We have moved a summary to Prime Minister that we need more technical staff. The summary has been approved. We will appoint Designers, Engineers and other technical staff in this department to deal with the matters accordingly.


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