Irani Medal Not Accepted by Mother of Azerbaijani Gen, Martyred in War with Armenia


Tazeen Akhtar Editor

Islamabad; 03 May 2021 – Iran’s  role in support of Armenia during its aggression on Azerbaijan is exposed as the mother of Martyr Major General Polad Hashimov, Samaya khanum has refused to accept the Irani medal ′′ Gasim Suleymani ′′ for his son.

The Major General of Azerbaijan sacrificed his life in defence of motherland in Sep-Nov 2020 aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan.

Some comments from public quarters of Azerbaijan circulating on social media reveal that Irani Ambassador took the medal to Samaya khanum, mother of martyred general but she refused to accept it and said that my people’s prayers and feelings for my son are our real pride.

In  these social media comments, the public is also discussing that Iran was shifting weapons to Armenia from its common border when Azerbaijan was facing attacks on its civilian population and the soldiers were fighting back to thwart the attacks.

Editor of Pakistan in the World raised the question during a press conference about Armenian aggression in Islamabad on 08 Oct 2020 with a highly diplomatic answer. Editor questioned on the movement of Irani troops towards the border where Iran joins border with Armenia and Azerbaijan. The answer was they may have moved for their own border protection. 

Here it is worth noting that government officials of Azerbaijan are mostly reluctant to speak on the role of Iran during this war most probably because of the delicacy of the matter.

Certainly, a country like Azerbaijan will never open another front when already a neighbor state is occupying Azerbaijani territories, targeting its people and infrastructure while a super power of the region and some other countries are supporting the aggressor instead of stopping it.

Another historical fact is that, in 1828, Russia and Iran divided some territories in between the two that are still under Irani control.

Irani sources in Islamabad are most often not available for comment but if they feel necessary to come forward with their viewpoint, we will publish that as well. 


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