Kazakhstan Resolves the Issue of Continuity of Power Constitutionally; Ambassador Barlybay Sadykov


Islamabad: 25 March 2019-by Tazeen Akhtar – Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan H.E Mr. Barlybay Sadykov has said that the issue of continuity of power in our country has been resolved constitutionally. The First President has paved the way for new generation of leaders to come into power who will continue the transformation being carried out in the country.

Ambassador said this in a briefing held by him here on 25th of March 2019 at a local hotel. Press and Media persons from different organizations, members of think tanks, business community and civil society were present at this occasion.

First President voluntarily resigned from his office on 19 March 2019 almost a year before his current term completes in April 2020. The Chairman of Senate will head the state until the next presidential elections are held next year when the nation will elect the new president.

“After the peaceful transition of power from First President H/H Nursultan Nazarbayev to new President H/H Mr. TOKAYEV Kassym-Jomart Kemeluly will keep the Republic moving forward towards a national goal of human development and prosperity of the nation. No change in the set policies will be there as the new President himself remained engaged in policy making while he was serving in different position before assuming the new responsibility.” He continued.

Mr. TOKAYEV Kassym-Jomart Kemeluly is a career diplomat having served on senior most positions from a diplomat to foreign minister, Deputy Prime Minister and assistant Secretary General of the United Nations at UN office in Geneva. Currently he is Chairman of Senate that is authorized to take the office of the President. He carries a vast experience of administration as well. Working with the First President since the creation of the Statehood of the Republic of Kazakhstan makes him the best substitute to Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Ambassador Barlybay Sadykov, in his briefing threw light on the Government system and what Constitution directs in case of any change in his country. He said “there are 6 political parties in Kazakhstan and among them Nur Otan party is the leading one. Former President will continue to lead Nur Otan party and will hold the chairmanship of Security Council that is the apex body in the country. He is member of Constitution Council as well. In this capacity, he will continue contributing in the development of the homeland.”

Certainly it was sudden news for everyone in and outside of Kazakhstan as the First President has served his nation for 30 years as head of the state. He is called Elbasy-The leader of the nation rightly for his continued struggle to make his nation stand on its feet through a very hard circumstances when USSR collapsed leaving the republics including Kazakhstan with no choice and option but to survive on your own. At that difficult time, Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev took a stand that provided determination and strength to his nation. And the world observed that Kazakhstan not only stood on its feet but secured a prominent position among the comity of nations. Today Kazakhstan is one of the first 50 most competitive countries of the world. The largest economy in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is very active member of international foras like UNO, SCO,OIC, Eurasian Customs Union etc.

Ambassador Barlybay Sadykov was quite confident in his briefing that Kazakhstan is leading the entire post-socialist countries, including Central Europe in terms of foreign direct investment per capita. He said that our country attracted more than $300 Billion in FDI.

Ambassador said that Kazakhstan has become a land of harmony and tolerance between all people and religious denominations that reach to the number of nearly 130. Kazakhstan has managed to accumulate large financial resources in the National Fund which makes it possible to solve important socio-economic tasks in crisis like situations.

Mr Nursultan Nazarbayev is the only and lifelong leader of the nation. His opinion will have a particular, even, priority importance in the development and adoption of strategic decisions. Thus Kazakhstan carried out the transfer of power in a calm, conflict-free way, which is a powerful factor in ensuring internal stability and strengthening the international authority of Kazakhstan. This is another manifestation of the high political culture of Kazakhstan people, and its exceptional wisdom.”

At the conclusion Questions and Answers session was held in which Ambassador replied to different questions asked by the participants about the transfer of power ,government system and political scenario of Kazakhstan.


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