Newly Elected Members will Add to the Efficiency of Azerbaijan Parliament ; Dr Afshan Malik


Islamabad; 17 Feb 2020 – Chairperson Sindhu Social Welfare Trust & President Futsal Association Women Wing Pakistan Dr Afshan Malik has expressed her best wishes for the newly elected members of Azerbaijan Parliament.

In a statement issued to the press, Dr Afshan Malik said that she has visited Azerbaijan in 2018 and she observed strong desire in the people for implementation of social, governmental, political and economic reforms envisioned by the leadership of the nation.

She said that early parliamentary elections have brought up new faces from different walks of life including large number of young and women members that would certainly add to the efficiency of the parliament.

Dr Afshan Malik expressed hope that Azerbaijan will move forward rapidly in all sectors and overcome all challenges in the coming days as visualized by the President H.H Ilham Aliyev.

She termed the elections free and fair for all contesting candidates and political parties as about one hundred thousand local and foreign observers were present to watch the system and arrangements.


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