SHO Karachi Company Caught Red Handed Hitting with Boots on Face of the Accused

Tazeen Akhtar
A roadside accident of an anchorperson leaves the S.H.O of Karachi Company suspended on brutal torture of a person at the Police Station. S.H.O Irshad was hitting a man with his boots on the face in a private room of the P.S. Eeman Mazari Advodate, the daughter of the former federal minister of human rights caught the S.H.O red-handed when she visited the P.S for her client Mr. Asad Ali Toor.
According to details, Asad Ali Toor’s car was hit by another car near Zero Point on Express Way. Asad remained safe but his car was damaged badly. Both parties were taken to nearby PS where they sorted out the matter on the agreed amount paid to Asad.
In the meanwhile, Eaman reached the PS to support her client, Asad. Here she heard the loud cries of someone from inside somewhere. She took serious notice of the cruelty and succeeded in approaching the place where she saw the SHO hitting the man. Another person was there on whose behest, the SHO was hitting the man.
Eaman Mazari recorded the video and made it viral on social media. The higher police authorities took notice and suspended the SHO. The person who was getting his opponent tortured by the SHO can be seen in the video clearly but the higher authorities are not ready to admit the notorious Thana Culture still Prevailing under their noses and that in the capital city of Pakistan.
The SHO can be seen arguing with Eaman after he was caught red-handed but the authorities still are not ready to correct their own system and culture. They are calling other people to witness while everything is crystal clear before their own eyes and ears.
It is sure that SHO Irshad will soon be exonerated and restored to the same job to do the same again and again until someone catches him again red-handed, makes a video and releases it on social media to attract the kind attention of the senior officials of the police department. It will not happen again because every day is not a Sunday.



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