Suicide of Unfortunate Girl @ Red Crescent Pakistan – Police Avoiding Important Points of Investigation


Tazeen Akhtar

Capital city police has arrested General Secretary of Red Crescent Pakistan Mr Khalid bin Majeed in a murder case of a female employ of the R.C. The employee named Kainat Tariq, 23 years old, was a student of NUML and was living on her own after Khalid bin Majeed supported her to get a job in the Red Crescent a few months ago.

Kainat was found in serious condition on 23 Nov 2020 in her office. She  was living independently in a hostel away from her parents who had separated long ago. She was taken first to Red Crescent hospital where her stomach was found filled with poisonous stuff but as reported there was no arrangement of cleaning the stomach.Later she was moved to Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi where doctors failed to recover her. The dead body was taken to PIMS Islamabad for further procedures.

Kainat’s father Tariq lodged FIR at I-9 PS on 24 Nov that Mr Khalid bin Majeed is responsible for his daughter’s death. He alleged that Khalid had a marital relationship with my daughter. He would deduct 25 thousand pkr from her salary that was 65 thousand pkr every month. When she got pregnant , she asked Khalid to declare the marriage open but he refused. Further she asked for money he was deducting from her salary. These are two reasons for which Khalid gave poison to my daughter.

Police investigation so far was shared with a reporter of Independent Urdu  Mona Khan and a reporter of The Nation Israr Ahmed. We have some questions on what they have tried to elaborate ;

1- The poisonous tablets were purchased by none other than the same unfortunate girl only. Kainat got the tablets of Phosphorus (used to keep in wheat for the insects) from a store. Receipt and the tablets are claimed by Police to have been found from Draws of her table in the Red Crescent office.

Question is how a medical store can sell it without a medical prescription? Why has the Medical Store owner or salesman not been arrested or investigated?

Question is Police’ emphasys is on She purchased the Poison herself. Why did she decide to end her life? Who was responsible? Who took her to that last resort? As long as parents separation is concerned that was an old thing and she did not do anything extreme during that period of time. So certainly it was something currently going on that left no chance for her to live more.

2- Receipt and tablets found in her draws.

Question is who can believe it and who will confirm it? Police themselves put the “Mall Muqaddama” and recovers it only to arrest someone or induct someone in case. It is a routine matter in Pakistan. Remember the recovery of drugs from Rana Sana Ullah that can never be presented before the media.

3- Police investigation says that she called Khalid after taking the tablets.

Question is why she called Khalid only? A person who is taking a last breath can call only those who are very near or for whom the person is doing that extreme thing with the life.

4- Khalid bin Majeed was the first person she called , he was the first to reach on the spot and he took her to Red Crescent hospital and later Rawalpindi and then Islamabad.

Question is General Secretary of the Red Crescent is high official as he himself gave her a job there, so he did not know that the R.C hospital has no facility of cleaning the stomach? Definitely he should have known. Further , why he did not take her first to an all equipped hospital that is the nearest to R.C headquarters? That is PIMS Islamabad where she was taken when she was already gone. Why she was kept moving on the roads first to Rawalpindi that is far away from R.C ?

5- Kainat was paid 35 thousand pkr only and not 65 thousand pkr as mentioned by the father and that contradicts the allegation.

Question is where is the appointment letter and salary slip of Kainat? Police have produced it or not? These documents are very important to be presented before the media. Further it should also be investigated that the record of R.C is not altered in between the investigation. Have Police taken it into custody? No information shared in this regard that makes it dubious as alteration of record is also routine matter here.

6- Police investigation as reported by the above mentioned website can easily be examined as taking the side of the official The General Secretary of R.C. For example – She purchased the tablets herself. And there are contradictions in father’s statement. These two points have been highlighted in the report.

Question is have you (Police) got the footage of that one day only , 23 nov or you are supposed to peep into the previous days as well to know what was happening in these days? Previous days are very central to reaching to some solid conclusion. And Police are also supposed to get the call and text record of the girl. This record should be part of the investigation.

In short, the accused Khalid can be innocent, but everything should be investigated thoroughly and independently in a transparent manner.
Last but not the least is , the father said that she was pregnant. A medical board is required to check if it is true? if not , the board needs to check , she had marital relations or not? To be pregnant is one thing – To have marital contact is another.

Further, her friends and class fellows that are close to her , can also be asked to share any information they have. Above all these things , the original mobile phone calls and text record and the locations of both, Kainat and Khalid bin Majeed can decide everything , what happened to who? Who is innocent and who is the culprit?

The Police can go through all this? or not? We will see it.

(Red Crescent  is governed by some political appointee most often in Pakistan and Mr Ibrad Ahmed the famous singer and philanthropist is the chairman.Ibrar Ahmed is in PTI and very  close to Prime Minister Imran Khan. He himself runs his own charity based NGO Sahara and in this capacity , conflict of interest also rises in his appointment but who cares here.)


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