We Hope Pakistan Will Play Positive Role in Solution to Libya Crisis ; Nizar A. Nabiha


Islamabad (Staff Reporter) Ambassador of Libya H.E Nizar A. Nabiha has said that Libya as one of the most important African countries, attaches great importance to its relations with Pakistan, and wishes to develop its relations with it in all fields through the African Union on the one hand and on bilateral level on the other hand.

He was addressing to the participants of Round Table Dialogue to mark Africa Day at Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad on 30 July 2019.  Minister Foreign Affairs Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Secretary Minister of Foreign Affairs Pakistan Suhail Mehmood were also present. Ambassadors, High Commissioners of African countries also participated in the seminar. The participants discussed avenues of cooperation to increase trade and investment relations between Africa and Pakistan. Representatives of Pakistani business community were also invited to the seminar.

H.E Nizar A. Nabiha, in his address said that “I am pleased to address you at this event, organized by the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to celebrate Africa Day, and the presence of His Excellency the Minister for Foreign Affairs, emphasis the importance that attaches Pakistan, to its relations with the African continent.”

“Pakistan-Africa relations, have deep roots, and have a common history of political, economic and national liberation. We cannot separate the politics from the economy, in old times it was said: that politics and economy are two faces of one coin, but Libya says that peace and economy are two faces of one coin. When peace comes, the economy revives, and increases the investment opportunities.” Ambassador continued.

H.E Nizar A. Nabiha also highlighted the situation in his country and how it has affected Libya Pakistan cooperation. He said that before the revolution of February 17, there were 250 thousand Pakistanis working in Libya, to contribute to the economy in Pakistan, so we hope that Pakistan will play a positive role, and not to be neutral in the current Libyan crisis, as a brotherly country.

He appreciated  the policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan to develop foreign relations through the New Economic Diplomacy.

“I am looking forward to opening new horizons of cooperation between the African countries and Pakistan. Finally, I express my sincere thanks to the Institute of Strategic Studies, for hosting the Round Table Dialogue to mark Africa Day.” He added.


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