China Media Group arranges Spring Gala on Lunar year of China

Beijing: China Media Group ( CMG ) arranged a Spring Gala on the eve of the advent of the lunar year of China. On this occasion popular songs of different countries were sung by the singers to amuse the audience. In fact the audience was mesmerised by the marvellous performance of the singers.
It is worth noting that this year, the 10th anniversary of Belt and Road Initiative is being observed and Sahir Ali Bagga, the super star of Pakistan along with singers of other countries, affiliated with the Belt and Road Initiative sung Ahmed Rushdie’s most popular song ” co co Kori Na” and earned unprecedented praise.
Talking to Dosti Radio, FM 98 of China Media Group, Sahir Ali Bagga said that to sing this renowned song after its recomposition was an interesting and unique experience for him but to sing it for the Chinese friends was far more memorable experience for him.
It needs to mention here that Sahir Ali Bagga also enjoys command in singing in Chinese language for the Chinese audience.
The Spring Festival Evening Gala was witnessed by millions of people in more than 170 countries of the world. It merits to mention that the Spring Gala is being aired consecutively since last 40 years and the Guinness Book of World Record has acknowledged it as one of the most seen TV programmes


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