Dutch Parliamentarian Hurls Racist, Inflammatory Remarks against Palestine – MFA Calls upon Dutch Gov to Reject


ISLAMABAD : The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Palestine strongly condemns the racist inflammatory statements made by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, in which he denied the rights of the Palestinian people, especially their right to embody their independent state on the land of their homeland with East Jerusalem as its capital, calling for the displacement of our people and the solution of their problem at the expense of the sisterly Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
The Ministry considers these statements to be an invitation to escalate the aggression against our people and blatant interference in their affairs and fate, and confirms that our people dropped these statements and positions, and demonstrated the depth of their steadfastness in their homeland and the adherence of their leadership to their just and legitimate national rights, just as they were dropped by the brave and historic fraternal positions of the sisterly Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
The Ministry calls on the Dutch government to condemn and reject these statements in accordance with international law, international legitimacy and its decisions.

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