Future of Cooperation between Azerbaijan, Pakistan in Trade & Economy is Bright; Leyla Abdullayeva


Tazeen Akhtar

Pakistan is the most important friend of Azerbaijan. Pakistan has not established diplomatic relations with Armenia and Azerbaijan is thankful and values this support very highly. Hearing this was heartening for Pakistani editors who visited Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan in Baku on 08 Feb 2020.

Ms Leyla Abdullayeva, Spokesperson of MOFA was addressing to the editors and we were listening to her attentively. Her speaking power was really wonderful. She was fluent and well informed. And when she finished, we shared our opinion that she is a very good speaker and surely she had been taking part and winning in speech competition while she was studying. In short a perfect selection for a spokesperson.

Mr Eldar Salimov, Head of Asia Department along with already familiar friendly Mr Ilham Memmadev welcomed Pakistani journalists at the ministry. Seeing Ilham Memmadev unexpectedly was quite pleasant experience. He was DHM in Azerbaijan Embassy to Pakistan few years ago.

Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Ramiz Hassanov extremely busy but he very graciously spared few moments to greet Pakistani guests and then the mike was handed over to Leyla Abdullayeva .

The spokesperson spoke highly about Pakistan Azerbaijan Relations and termed them brotherly, close and cordial in all spheres. She said that Azerbaijan is member of OIC contact group on Kashmir. Our country supports Pakistan and people of Jammu Kashmir. Trilateral platform of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan is another process of our cooperation.

Leyla Abdullayeva said that both countries enjoy warm ties in defense sector as well. Our cadets are in Pakistani military colleges for training. Azerbaijan takes part in military parade of Pakistan. Officials of Ministries of Defense visit each other. 35 Governmental agreements have been signed so far while many are under consideration. Parliaments of both countries are also on friendly terms. We have parliamentary friendship groups. Pakistan Parliament adopted a resolution on Khojali massacre declaring it Genocide.

The spokesperson said the legal base of our cooperation is very strong and future in trade and economy is very bright.

Azerbaijan is member in world organizations like UNO, OIC, NAM, ECO and many others. We are extending our cooperation at every forum. Azerbaijan is contributing in UN peace missions. Our troops are serving in Afghanistan and Sudan.

Leyla Abdullayeva shed light of Azerbaijan’s nearness and working with Europe. She said that Azerbaijan is exporting gas to Europe this year. We are member of Council of Europe and key partner of NATO and E.U. Azerbaijan is in dialogue with EU since 2017 for its membership. Azerbaijan’s working on meeting the required standards is on. Azerbaijan is situated at the east west cross roads. This location is considerable.

Religious harmony is the pride of Azerbaijan. Christians and Jews live here with complete peace and confidence. Hayder Aliyev Masjid is the symbol of this harmony where Shia and Sunni Muslims offer their prayers together.

Leyla Abdullayeva was very anxious to meet her Pakistani counterpart, Ms Aysha Farooqi. We in a lighter note said that both MOFA’s have unique opportunity to be declared Sister MOFAs as both have women spokespersons. All the participants enjoyed this suggestion with smiles and the discussion came to the conclusion.



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