ICE MELTED GIRLS presented to Bazenjo @ Aamir’s Place who Introduces himself as Officer of Agency


Tazeen Akhtar – Ali Salim alias Begam Nawazish Ali,  in an interview to a youtube channel of Washington DC,  recalls an interesting eve of big wigs in which former CM Balochistan is the central object of the powerful establishment.

Ali shared that the host was Mian Aamir who introduces himself as officer of a sensitive agency.

” I am witness that Abdul Quddoos Bazenjo was there and some “Ice Melted” Girls were presented to him” .Ali Salim said with no doubt.

Here it is worth mentioning that Bazenjo broke some MPAs from PMLN and brought No Confidence Move against Pmln CM Zahri in Jan 2018 paving the way to his own CM ship.

This move deprived Pmln of gathering required support for coming Senate Elections from the province.

Bazenjo won provincial election from Awaran with only 544 – Five hundred forty four votes out of total 57666 – Fifty seven thousand six hundred sixty six votes of this constituency. Later he was supported by CM Sana Ullah Zahri to become Speaker of assembly and further later He came back on Mr Zahri with support from unknown circles and toppled his government.


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