International Men & Women Squash Series 2023 in Islamabad starting from Nov29th till Dec 4th, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Serena Hotels in collaboration with Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Squash Federation, held a press conference announcing the beginning of the International Men & Women Squash Series 2023 in Islamabad starting from November 29th till December 4th, 2023.
During the press conference, the PSF Secretary Amir Nawaz announced that other than the Pakistani players, athletes hailing from Malaysia, Egypt, and Spain will compete in the forthcoming tournament.
The prize money for the men’s championship is USD 1805 for the winner and USD 1140 for the runner-up,while the prize money for the women’s event is USD 902 for the winner and USD 570 for the runner-up. The championship finals are set to take place on 4th December 2023, while the opening ceremony is set for 29th November 2023.
“The PSF has been working really hard to raise squash’s image throughout the nation. The federation wants to demonstrate to the world that we can organize major squash tournaments and host the world-class players in an effective way, ” the PSF secretary said.
He also Highlighted the federation was providing extensive support and the best available facilities to players and necessary arrangements have been made to hold the event successfully.
Serena Hotels under the initiative of Sports Diplomacy has always been committed to revitalizing and restoring the glory that squash once brought to our nation. In the efforts to do so, Serena Hotels aims to act as a bridge, encouraging a revived enthusiasm and deepened appreciation for this esteemed game and to ensure that squash not only regains its position as a treasured sporting legacy but also continues to inspire future generations.

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