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It is a matter of great satisfaction that political situation in brotherly country Kyrgyz Republic is quite calm , stable, peaceful and improving day by day.This October , the third political revolution ended within the same month with settlement of almost all disputed issues and the nation behaved in a very responsible manner not allowing the things get worse.

Ambassador of Kyrgyz Republic to Pakistan shared the good news with Pakistani media and press persons at the Embassy in a press briefing on 23 Oct 2020.He shed light on the latest political scenario and socio-economic situation in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Mr Erik Beishembiev said that peace and stability has been restored in his country. Government and institutions are working smoothly. Nearly 9 Thousand Pakistani students are studying in Kyrgyz Republic. They are coming back to their institutions. New government is committed to all international agreements signed by previous government. Presidential Elections will be held in Jan 2021.

He said that electoral reforms will be introduced before new parliamentary elections are held and new government is formed. This process will be completed til June 2021.

H.E.  noted that the situation in the country has stabilized, the legitimacy of the state power of the Kyrgyz Republic has been created and its executive bodies continue to operate in their regular mode. He informed the press about the formation of a new composition of the government and  entrusting  the powers of the Acting President  to the Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Sadyr Zhaparov.

H.E. Mr. Erik Beishembiev stressed that the procedure for the transfer of power in the country passed peacefully in accordance with the norms of the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, and that the Kyrgyz Republic remains fully committed to all its international obligations and strict implementation of all previously signed bilateral and multilateral treaties and agreements.

In addition, H.E. noted that today Kyrgyzstan is a dynamically developing country with a diversified economy, where foreign investors are widely represented, including from Pakistan, as well as a number of positive initiatives of the new government in protecting foreign investments. H.E. Mr. Erik Beishembiev emphasized on the continuity of our country in the development of mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation with its foreign partners.

To a question about the casualties during political rallies, Ambassador replied that one person was died while nearly one thousand were admitted to hospitals for injuries and most of them were discharged with medical treatment.

When asked about the future of the previous President and Prime Minister, the Ambassador said that in first and second revolutions 2005-2010 respectively the President took asylum in Russia and Belarus. Now in this revolution , the President resigned with his own consent and he is staying in country. He said if there are allegations of corruption or other on any of previous government official, he will be tried in courts of law accordingly.


Regarding Pakistani students studying there, the Ambassador said that they are returning to their institutions. We value their confidence in our education system. He said that PIA operates one flight weekly for these students and other businessmen or tourists. We are working with Pakistani officials for direct flights. Kyrgyz Republic is very near to Pakistan. It takes only two hours to reach Bishkek from Islamabad that is equal to the travel between Islamabad and Karachi.


Ambassador added that my country is keen to enhance business to business contacts. He said Pakistani business community can avail opportunity of costumes saving and dispatch of good to different countries like Russia and Europe through our Railway Connectivity. One can reach to Kyrgyz border from the Chinese city Kashghar in two hours. Kyrgyz Republic is connected with Moscow through railway that takes 3 days time. From Moscow, one can travel by train to Europe. In this travel , business community will have to pay the custom for one time only.


The briefing was attended by representatives of 20 Pakistani media, including «PTV News», «Radio Pakistan», «Jang Media», «Dawn News», «Daily Azkaar», «Pakistan in the World», «DNA», «Daily Ittehad», «Daily Islamabad Post», «92 News» , «Pakistan Observer», «Samaa News», «24 News», «BOL News» and others.


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