Pakistan to Facilitate New Agreements & Tax Reductions for Trade with Ukraine


KIEV/Ukraine – Zahid Mubashir Sheikh, Ambassador Pakistan to Ukraine has said that “We will facilitate the conclusion of new agreements and tax reductions for trade between Ukraine and Pakistan.”  He was addressing the participants of Ukrainian-Pakistani business meeting in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 18 June 2019.

The Chamber of Commerce delegation visited the 22 representatives of  of Pakistan to discuss the possibilities of cooperation between the two countries, the signing of new agreements prioritization of future interaction.

He said that now, Ukrainian exports to Pakistan are dominated by agricultural products, products of ferrous metallurgy and machine building, and food industry. Pakistan supplies clothing and fabrics to our country, fruits and nuts, rice.

“We need metals, wood and sunflower oil, which Ukraine has an opportunity to export. Also, we can not forget about cooperation in the field of education. Ukraine provides high-quality education at a relatively low cost. Pakistanis are interested in developing business in your country, investments, imports and exports.”

I believe that together we can contribute to the conclusion of an agreement between the governments of our countries to tax cuts for trade “- the Zahid Mubashyr Sheikh continued.

“The most effective, in terms of the Pakistani side would be cooperation on trade in textiles, food processing equipment export and construction industries, tourism, labor exchange personnel.”

“Our main export items are textiles, mangoes, basmati rice, sports equipment and leather goods. They occupy the highest position in quality in the world. Pakistan is also the fourth largest milk producer in the world, but 60% of its products are lost because of the lack of processing capacity. We can also cooperate in the field of juice production, “commented the head of the delegation, Rashid Humayun, director of the Center for Business and Exhibitions in Islamabad.

It should be added that the Pakistani Government has provided an opportunity for foreign companies to be 100% owned by the owners of capital. Accordingly, you can make any decision and return any capital invested at any time.

At the conclusion of the plenary part of the business meeting, representatives of Ukrainian and Pakistani companies held B2B-talks and discussed new ways of cooperation.


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