Pakistan’s first ever Refrigerated Fishing Vessel built by Isotherm Inc Successfuly Operates in Karachi


Islamabad; President Isotherm Inc USA Dr Zahid Ayub called on President of Pakistan  Dr Arif Alvi at President House Islamabad. President congratulated him on the successful operation of the Pakistan’s first ever Refrigerated Fishing Vessel boat built by Isotherm Inc in Karachi.

Before there was no Pakistan registered fishing vessel equipped with even a simple form of Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) system. The fishermen carry with them ice blocks and when the ice melts they either have to return with less catch or return with spoiled catch; the second option always prevails.

It is estimated that over 95% of the catch is unfit for human consumption when it hits the harbor. The balance 5% gets spoiled while transferring from the boat to the auction site.

Heavy load of ice blocks occupy valuable space in the holds as well as increases the fuel consumption. The key to a quality end product whether it’s canned seafood or fish meal is the refrigeration system on board and off board introduced by Isotherm Inc recently.

Engr Qaiser Nawab, a youth leader added that young fishermen can install this technology in their fishing boats by getting interest free loan from various banks through Kamyab Jawan program.

President of Pakistan will inaugurate the first ever boat in coming days.

Zahid Ayub received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University in 1986. He is a Pakistani American belonging from Parachinar Ex-FATA and currently based in Texsas. He received ASHRAE’s most prestigious Louise and Bill Holladay Award and ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award.


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