Palestine Considers Abu Aqla as Victim of the Silence of International Criminal Court


Islamabad: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Palestine has condemned in the strongest terms the shocking, heinous crime deliberately and deliberately committed by the occupation forces, which led to the martyrdom of Al-Jazeera correspondent Sherine Abu Aqleh and the serious injury of journalist Ali Al-Samoudi in the back.

Amidst heavy firing of live bullets with the aim of killing. The Ministry considers this complex crime an extension of the ongoing field executions against our people and against journalists in particular in a systematic Israeli attempt to silence the voice of truth and to cover up the crimes of the occupation and its settlers against our people. Their lives, land, property, and sanctities were robbed.

The Ministry holds the extremist Israeli Prime Minister, who has shown full and direct responsibility for this heinous crime, and considers that the martyr Abu Aqila is a direct victim of the organized terrorism of the occupying state, which behaves with the mentality of Zionist gangs, and she is a victim of double international standards and the dubious silence of the International Criminal Court.

The Ministry calls on the specialized press, human rights and humanitarian organizations to quickly document this heinous crime in preparation for submitting it to international courts, especially the International Criminal Court.


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