PTV Objectionable Maps of Kashmir Case ; Actual Accused Saved by Sacrificing 3 Scapegoats


Tazeen Akhtar

Pakistan Television Administration in a desperate move terminated the services of 2 officers and suspended another in the so called inquiry of airing incorrect rather highly objectionable maps of Kashmir in its current affairs programs. Not only they took action against an officer whose name was not in the inquiry but also violated corporations own rules and regulations.

Thus opening another pandora box  in their connivance to save the skin of real culprits. 1- Khawer Azhar Head of Content 2- Qatreena Hosain Head of Current Affairs are said to be the main accused of this controversy who are in good books of the administration and the government for unknown reasons.

PTV aired the maps in which Kashmir was shown part of India and in another map Indian occupied Kashmir  was termed as Indian Controlled Kashmir. Azad Kashmir map was displayed with title “Pakistani Controlled Kashmir” on 6 June 2020. These were two programs conducted by Tauseeq Haider and Imtiaz Gull with Mishal Bukhari.

Pakistan’s state policy is that Kashmir is not part of India. The part in Indian occupation is disputed where India promised to hold a plebiscite and UNO is supposed to get it implemented. But it was not taken care of in these two programs. And that at a time when state media should be extra vigilant after 5 August 2019.

First the administration did not bother to consider this blunder as a mistake even. Later issued an office order of inquiry only when the journalists pointed it out and matter was raised in the Senate and National Assembly of Pakistan by the opposition members.

From here starts another story of irresponsible behaviors of the high ups of this national institution. Inquiry office order was issued on 09 June 2020 to file the finding report in two days including 09 June making it necessary on 10 June. It means they spared 24 hours only to complete the inquiry against six officials that is not possible and justice can not be secured in this short time.

Actually the matter in the Senate was sent to the standing committee information for investigation and PTV administration had to explain in its meeting today on 11 June 2020. Therefore PTV administration tried to safe an explanation that we have taken strict action against the responsible staff and now the matter has been resolved. But the committee meeting postponed leaving the PTV administration in the lurch as the matter is still on the committees agenda and it does not stand resolved yet.

The so called inquiry was ordered against ;

Interestingly the only one high official taken action against is Ch Akram Acting Head of Current Affairs whose name is not in the list of accused. And the other who has been terminated from service is Taimoor Younas the producer. Nida Sajjad RP (Resource Person) again a lower staff has been suspended from service.

Here it is worth noting that a common public servant knows very well that you can not terminate the service of a government employ without issuing him a show cause and when he/she replies back even then you will issue him another notice of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Another injustice in this inquiry is that only one program was picked for question and the other was left. Tauseeq Haider’s Rising Pakistan also aired incorrect maps but he and his program has been awarded impunity leaving an impression that he is the favorite of  Khawer Azhar or someone else. Imtiaz Gull’s program Nukta-e-Imtiaz is in focus in the inquiry but here Imtiaz Gull himself and his fellow anchorperson Mishal Bukhari have been spared.

PTV aired the announcement of the action taken on 10 June 2020 eve about the termination of two but names were not mentioned, neither was explained that how they are responsible and why others are not?

Another strange thing in this controversy is office of the director of media and press at PTV headquarters that is neither releasing any information from his side nor is available for any query to reply.

Many questions are still being asked with no proper answer. These questions will continue to pop up again and again until unless PTV administration does not come forward with a clear sheet. Moreover the terminated officials will soon challenge their sacrifice in the court of law where further wrong doings of the above mentioned high ups will come to surface. Closing one pandora box is opening many other. So Picture Abhi Baqi Hay Merey Dost……………


Quatrina Hosain @PTV, Salary Rs 870 K-Credentials to be Checked Later ,PM’s Salary 197 K



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