Radio Pakistan Initiates Special Awareness Programs on Corona Pandemic


Islamabad – Pakistan in the World – ┬áRadio Pakistan has initiated special programs to create necessary awareness among the people of far flung areas about corona virus pandemic.

Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs Channel is at the forefront to highlight not only the threat posed by the pandemic but is also apprising the people about steps taken by the federal and provincial governments as well as other relevant institutions for their safety and health.

Through national and regional bulletins, the people are being provided up to date information about coronavirus.

Keeping in view the current situation, special current affairs programs have been crafted involving both experts and the government officials to provide authentic information to the listeners.

Thus, the national broadcaster is providing a helping hand to the government to implement its advisories. Informative Promos in all local languages are being on air in different Radio Programs. Religious scholars, intellectuals and artists have been engaged in programs to educate the people regarding pandemic.

Radio Pakistan’s Web Desk is also disseminating the information regarding corona virus all over the world.


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