Fashion Designer’s Hubby Booked for Hiding Corona + Cook, Released on Bail

Islamabad – Pakistan in the World – Renowned fashion designer Maria B on Tuesday 24 March 2020 condemned the raid at her house in Lahore during which the police took away her husband.
A video of Maria is doing the rounds on social media in which she has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of the police raid at her house.
“Last night they raided my house like I was the biggest drug mafia don,” Maria said in the video.
She said her family was already in stress after undergoing tests for coronavirus.
Her statement comes amid rumours that Maria’s husband is accused of sending his cook back to his village after the servant tested positive for the COVID-19.
“They (police) said to me, you are culprits,” she said in the video adding that the deputation on raid told her that an FIR has also been registered against her husband.
Police have released Maria B’s husband Tahir Saeed on bail hours after taking him into custody for failing to inform the authorities that his cook had contracted coronavirus.
The police said they arrested Saeed from his house after registering an FIR against him for hiding the test results of his servant and sending him to Vehari.
The police said the servant was brought to Lahore from Vihari and shifted to the city’s Meo Hospital.
A spokesman for the police said that the cook had met dozens of people on his way home and in his village Karam Pur.
The spokesman said the entire village will have to be quarantined due to the criminal act of Tahir Saeed.
Earlier, Maria B condemned the police raid at her house, requesting the prime minister to take notice of her husband’s arrest.


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