Russia wants to Demilitarize Japan? Putin finds Unprecedented Challenges in Japanese Exercises to the Security of Russia


Islamabad: Monitoring Desk – The war critics are observing that the Russian President Putin wants to demilitarize Japan. They say the Russian foreign policy rhetoric has become the most confrontational since the end of the Cold War. Here they bring reference to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation A. Rudenko promised to take the necessary measures against Japan, which is planning to conduct military exercises and allegedly created “unprecedented challenges to the security of Russia.”

The Kremlin’s foreign policy rhetoric is becoming openly confrontational and actually consists of threats to everyone who does not fit into the ideal parameters of coexistence with Russia, that is, to comply with its humiliating dictates in full.
On January 3, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation A. Rudenko said that “Japan has created unprecedented challenges to Russia’s security, and that the Kremlin reserves the right to take appropriate measures.” This is a direct threat to Japan and a diplomatic demarche of the highest level. Russia is already officially dividing the world into its friends and enemies. Neutrality does not exist for it.
After the complete fiasco of the Russian army in Ukraine, Putin is trying to create a geopolitical confrontation in the world on the block principle. He acts according to the principle “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and with the help of threats and dictates he tries to consolidate his own geopolitical alliance, which has already included such terrorist states as Iran and North Korea.
Deliberately spoiling the dialogue with the civilized part of humanity, Putin is de facto strengthening the commitment of totalitarian regimes to Russia, which will use them as a source of separate resources for waging war with Ukraine. Putin’s goal is to create a deep split between the progressive-democratic part of humanity and the one that gravitates towards repressive-totalitarian remnants.
The worldview of the Kremlin dictator does not accept another paradigm of existence, and at the end of his reign, he goes all out to revive the Soviet totalitarian reality – the only one that is understandable and acceptable to him.
Rudenko’s demarche is odious but predictable. Currently, Russia is in the worst international isolation since the Bolshevik revolution, and de facto the Kremlin has nothing to lose. Putin seems to have realized that with his decision to invade Ukraine, he pushed Russia into the abyss, and now he is trying to drag with him those countries that still support the Kremlin at the official level.
Putin failed to seize Ukraine, his invasion turned out to be a total embarrassment for the Russian army, but the Kremlin dictator seems to have managed to accomplish something else: to form a prototype of the bloc confrontation, which is now manifested in its most perfect form since 1991. This is the greatest threat to the civilized world, because Putin sees the creation of such a block as a tool to destroy the West, which he considers Russia’s existential enemy.
That is why it is extremely important to prevent the formation of such a union in its complete form: Russia continues to fight for the favor of Turkey, India, countries of Latin America and Africa. If Putin can do this, it will mean that he has managed to form everything necessary for a long-term strategic confrontation with the West – on the model of bloc confrontation during the Cold War. And Russia has a relatively good supply of resources to provide its satellites with them.
The outlines of the future world order are currently being formed in Ukraine. Individual démarches and forays of the Kremlin with odious rhetoric are, in fact, very illustrative, because they de facto publicize the Kremlin’s plans.

As long as Russia has not managed to adapt to the shock effect of the war, it is still possible to destroy its army in Ukraine. Russia must suffer a complex blow: sanctions, international isolation and military support for Ukraine must go together, and then cooperation with Russia will become toxic even for Iran.


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