“Unwilling Slaves” Book by Dr Talat Farooq Coincided with Imran’s “NO to American Slavery”


Tazeen Akhtar / Editor

Since the Establishment of Pakistan, our relations with USA have been like carrot and stick phenomenon that raised debates in every decade of our national history. From ” Friends not Masters” of Gen Ayub Khan to ” We will eat Grass but Will get Nukes” of Bhutto to “Trade not Aid” policy of Nawaz Sharif and now “Unwilling Slaves” authored by Dr Talat Farooq are all in the same connection.

Interestingly, the book has been published on a time when former Prime Minister is addressing huge public rallies in the breadth and width of the country on the same USA-Pak relations, in terms of (what he says ) Intervention and Conspiracies hatched in Washington and implemented in Pakistan.

No doubt, it is just a coincidence and the book is mainly on academic insight, research by an academician (the author) on the situation in 1990s but as the crux of the book is USA-Pak relations, it can be seen in connection with presently ongoing political scenario that is revolving around a letter from Washington.

Matter of fact is , USA held the relations to weapons and dollars only until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted finally that this is not a sincere and balanced relationship some 12 years ago when she was member of cabinet of President Obama.

Now is another historic phase ongoing regarding Pak-USA Relations when Imran Khan has been removed from Prime Minister House and he blames publicly that his removal is on the behest of USA. Former Prime Minister, is quite sure that it was USA Conspiracy that gathered different political parties with opposite ideologies under one umbrella against him to topple his government.

At this critical juncture of our national history, the book “Unwilling Slaves” has been authored by Dr Talat Farooq who hails from an highly educated family that has services to defense of the nation as well.

This short introduction about her vast experiences and observations in enough to conclude that how deeply and closely she have noted the events in 1990s. The book of is the essence of her studies and proves helpful to recall the decade in true perspective.

I strongly recommend the book to students of International Relations, Strategic Studies, Diplomacy, Political Science and others.

The author Works at Meliksah University Turkey, University of Birmingham and Bahria University Islamabad.

Past: University of Birmingham, UK

Studied PhD Politics and International Relations at University of Leicester


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