Seasoned Pakistani Actress Sent Back to Home from USA as Foreign Student with “Special Arrangement”


Tazeen Akhtar
17 April 2020

The most controversial Pakistani actress Meera made her way to Pakistan in US chartered plane as a foreign student thanks to special treatment of her friends in Consul General New York & Pak Embassy in DC. Deputy CG NY Naeem Cheema and Ambassador Asad Majeed made wrongly declared her a student only to include her in the passengers of the special flight. Meera herself posted the pictures on her social media with gratitude to above mentioned diplomats.

She writes on her Insta ;“Thanks to Allah, I am back in Pakistan. A big shout out to Pakistan Embassy Washington and New York Consulate. You guys are amazing. You work so hard to help our fellow Pakistanis overseas. Proud of you and praying for you! Stay blessed Pakistan!”.

Meera posted a video message for Prime Minister Imran Khan on 20 April 2020 that she is stuck in N.Y and her host or husband Mr Saud is stranded in Dallas. She appealed for help to fly back to Pakistan and it was only then that CG Pakistan moved and said in a statement that “We are continuously in contact with the actress”.

Now when she reached Pakistan on 13 April 2020, the Question is how it was made possible. The Answer is there but the answer is itself a Big Question if we see it in the light of truth and international norms.

Mr Farooq Mirza of Fourth Pillar, a journalist org in New York having branches in Pakistan as well has reported that Deputy Consul General Naeem Cheema rushed to her and made 7 star accommodation arrangements overnight and we saw filming her on Empire State Building in NY late night. It means a highly depressed actress was completely relaxed in few hours with the support of DCG Pakistan.

Mr Cheema was so excited to entertain her forgot all Pakistani men and women stuck due to Corona Virus. He denied their calls and even let many dead bodies rot in cold storage.
Mr Naeem Cheema kept entertaining her and making payments from Gov account that is maintained with public money. It is crystal clear that Ambassador Asad Majeed was in picture and it was actually all done on his own directions. And it is also not a science to understand where Asad Majeed received the orders from if we refresh in mind the first video message of the actress.

That is one thing but the story does not end here. Next episode is more mind blowing and worth pondering upon with serious approach.

Farooq Mirza reports that there were some Pakistani students stuck there. US Government realized their problems and offered a Chartered plane to take them back to Pakistan . Mr. Cheema and Ambassador Asad Majeed decided to take advantage for Meera by showing her as Pakistani student.

Here it is worth mentioning and noting that Meera entered into film industry in mid 90s. She is always hungry for publicity. Then she targeted the then top heroin Reema to get attention of media. Now she is criticizing Mahira Khan only to make headlines in the press. Reema married to a Pakistani in USA and Meera walking on her footprints only to compete her had a relation with another Pakistani in USA with whom an erotic video clip of Meera has been viral on social media. Meera claims he is her husband.

Taking an actress and that a controversial one, the embassy people were taking it as a fun as well keeping aside all national prestige and diplomatic ethics. Meera was asked to fly to DC to Embassy from NY only to make a video there in which she admired the Ambassador and other diplomatic officials of Pakistan in USA.

No doubt education is a life time process and we are learning in our whole life but in real a student is supposed to be the registered fellow of some educational institution and in case of her/his presence in other country, He/She should have a student visa while Meera the actress was there for her shoots and she was living with her in laws for two months at their own location.

This is related to an actress and everything seems to be a film itself. A film is based on imaginary things and here the Heroin made it the same in her utterances throughout this story.

She was not alone there. She was with her in laws. She was not student. Now when she is in Lahore, it is said that she is in quarantine. Who knows it is true or again a lie? It is said that her test is negative. Should we agree with that even?


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