Spain Return Pakistani Imparting Education to Underprivileged Children – Ambassador Appreciates the Effort


Islamabad; Ambassador of Spain, H.E Mr Manuel Duran, visited the House of Light School and appreciated the efforts of a Spain return Pakistani for providing education to the underprivileged children in the suburb of Islamabad.

On arrival of the Ambassador, Principal Sadia Qaiser, welcomed  him warmly and introduced the school, its objectives and its achievements. This was followed by speeches by two girl students on the dangers of climate change and the importance of female education.

Both speeches were greatly appreciated by the ambassador and the audience. After these speeches there was a dance on climate change performed by little girls and boys and also greatly appreciated by everyone.

Raja Qaiser talked about how he had spent 4 wonderful years in Spain, where he had befriended a German teacher and both of them had together established the House of Light School with a certain vision and mission in mind. The mission is to take the new generation away from darkness and towards light. The school’s name symbolizing it’s vision. Raja Qaiser also talked about his work as Chairman UC.7 Pind Begwal,Islamabad for the improvement of education in the area.

HE Mr Manuel Duran, was then invited on stage to express his views on the school.

He was full of praise for the school’s efforts and its emphasis on important issues such as climate change and female education.

He said that when invited, he was not expecting to see a mixed school in a rural area like the House of Light School. A school that was giving an excellent and meaningful education. He wished the school all the best for its future.

The ambassador’s speech was followed by Trustee, Dr Arjumand Faisel’s speech who informed the guests how after class 10 a donor was funding for further education of the children.

At the end, three ex-students, two girls and a boy narrated all that the school had done for them and how it had motivated them give back to the school what they had received and to work for the improvement of education in their country.

The function ended with national anthems of  Spain and Pakistan.

The school children, teachers, school management and trustees are all grateful to H.E Mr Manuel Duran’s visit to the school and thank him for appreciating the School’s efforts for the underprivileged children of the area.


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