Spain return Pakistani Sisters Murdered by Husbands in Gujrat District


Gujrat : 21 May 2022 -Two Spain resident sisters of Pakistan have been murdered by their husbands in Gulyana town of Gujrat. They wanted to separate from their Pakistani husbands and were forcibly called from Spain to Gujarat, where they were strangled and shot dead on Friday night.

According to police, the murders of 24-year-old Anisa Abbas and 21-year-old Urooj Abbas are being investigated and they may have been killed in the name of honor.They were killed by their in laws in Gujrat for demanding divorce from their husbands after forced marriage. Police has registered the case against their husbands, in-laws who fled after killing them.

Gujarat police spokesman Noman Hassan said the families of the victims had persuaded them to come to Gujarat for a few days.

He said that the preliminary investigation revealed that the murder was committed in the name of honor but further investigations are underway in this regard. Police said the two sisters were pressured by their Pakistani husbands, who were also cousins ​​in their relationship, to complete diplomatic arrangements for their arrival in Spain as soon as possible.

Police said that seven members of the family of the victims were wanted in connection with the murder.

According to a report by Human Rights of Pakistan, 450 people were killed in the name of honor in Pakistan last year, including men but the number of women was the highest. The report feared that the police were unaware of the numerous killings.

Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz took notice of the incident of killing of two sisters within the limits of Galyana police station in Gujarat and demanded a report from the Inspector General of Police.

He said that early arrest of the accused involved in the incident should be ensured and further action should be taken against them.


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