(The National Day of Language and Literacy in Ukraine) By; Volodymyr Lakomov


H.E Mr. Volodymyr Lakomov is Ambassador of Ukraine to Pakistan

In Ukraine, November 9 is scheduled for the very special celebration – Dayof Language and Literacy, which will be celebrating throughout the world by Ukrainian speaking people. Is that really so important? Yes, and the first reason why – the language is believed to be a basic essential element of nation-construction process. For this, we have a clear statement: “Whose language, those the nation”. Together with other important characteristics (like armed forces, economic system, religion and culture), language is a marker of the national state.

One more important thing about language is that it is arguably the most important medium by which humans communicate with one another. Without national language, society would be a disorderly mess,and the understanding will be destroyed. So, language should promote national harmony and communication, it has an extremely high position in creating a positive spirit of the society, ensuring unity and self-determination.

Finally, language – is the main instrument of national cultural tradition. When we speak about language and literacy, we mention those beautiful samples of Ukrainian literary tradition, which made us proud. We estimate our poetry and novels as a very important part of the national culture and we would like to make them known for the entire world. I am happy to note that Taras Shevchenko’s most famous poetry –“The Testament” (as well as some others) has been translate into Urdu language by talented Tahira Andaleeb, who joined us today. Thank you very much for your inspired work, dear Tahira!

There is one more important reason of our today’s gathering.November 9 is again a great data – this is a birthday of national poet of Pakistan Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

M.Iqbal means a lot for every Pakistani, the same as that much Shevchenko means for every Ukrainian. Both are patriots and freedom lovers, fighters for independence, peace and tolerance. Both created an ode to the beauty of nature, also both Shevchenko and Iqbal inspired people to struggle for their dignity, they gave them a hope and created a special spirit of survival and resistance.

The poetry of Taras Shevchenko is started to be translated into Urdu, due to tremendous efforts of Tahira Andaleeb. Now I am very happy to announce that Muhamad Iqbal’s poetry also made its appearance in Ukrainian language. Our professors and their talented students from National Taras Shevchenko university and National Linguistic University provided the first translations of great Pakistani poet and today we will have a possibility to listen how beautiful and natural sounds Iqbal’s messages in Ukrainian language. What is more, it proved the common visions and aspirations of Iqbal and Shevchenko.

Translation itself is not an easy job, but at the same time, it opens a new range of possibilities, first, it provided us with the new knowledge. We can hear and understand each other better once we got cultural messages from each other. Translators made great names more familiar and close, they helped people to exchange cultural values and widen their outlook.

To conclude, I would like to say that language is the first indication of the national identity, but also it is an extremely precious instrument of international communication, a natural chain in inter-cultural dialog. This should not be underestimated.Let me congratulate all of you once again and wish us continuously inspiring cooperation!


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