Tazeen Akhtar 

    Islamabad: 18 May 2022 – Security forces in a big achievement has busted a gang of women suiciders in Balochistan that has direct connections with BLA’s So Called Majeed Brigade. The forces have arrested a woman Noor Jahan with suicide jacket, Grenades and explosive material weighing 9 kilo gram.

    Noor Jahan is member of Majeed Brigade and she has exposed 3 other women members named Waheedah,Hameedah and Fehmeedah. Another woman Yasmeen has been identified as the head of the gang of women suiciders. She is wife of notorious terrorist Aslam Alias Achoo. The forces have further initiated investigation into the matter.

    Media Advisor Government of Balochistan , Ms Farah Azeem Shah has shared that Noor Jahan was getting financial support from Nadeem who is living in Dubai. Moreover some outlaws are handling the local terrorists from Uk, Europe and Gulf Countries.

    “Indian RAW is mainly behind the subversive activities of these groups. Some other countries are also involved.” She said.

    Noor Jahan has confessed before the security forces that after Shari , more women are being prepared for more suicide attacks. Here it is pertinent to mention that 3 Chinese language instructors were killed in a suicide attack by a women Shari Baloch in Karachi couple of weeks ago.

    Here it is also worth mentioning that the Chief Minister Balochistan Abdul Quddoos Bazenjo is facing No Turst move from the opposition at a time when the province needs complete political stability to fight back the menace of terrorism. Farah Azeem said in this regard that No Trust will be defeated as not only the government members but many opposition MPAs also are supporting the Chief Minister.

    She said that Balochistan government has initiated the work on Riko Dik project that is very central in the development of Balochistan. That is why the terrorists groups have been activated by their foreign supporters. She said our security forces will certainly nip the evil in the bud.

    Farah Azeem Shah said that foreigners including Chinese are our guests and attacking on our guests is not the tradition of Baloch people. These terrorists are not from Balochistan. They have been planted here and our forces will eliminate them from our homeland.


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