Yemen Condemns Houthi’s Repeated Targeting of IDPs Camps in Marib


Islamabad; 01 April 2021 – The Government of Yemen has condemned in the strongest terms the Houthis systematic and repeated targeting of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps in Marib, which has intensified recently despite the reinvigorated international efforts to reach a ceasefire and alleviate the humanitarian suffering in Yemen.

The Yemeni Government warns that the Houthi militias targeting of IDPs camps is exacerbating the humanitarian situation and causing new waves of displacements, which runs counter to all efforts made to lessen the severity of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Most recently, the Houthi militias bombed three IDPs camps north of Marib with more than 37 artillery and missile shells, causing dozens of casualties – the majority of whom were women and children- and displacing 576 families.

While the Government of Yemen denounces the Houthi militias’ continued military aggression that undermines efforts to achieve peace in Yemen, it calls on the international community to condemn the atrocious violations of the Houthi militias and to exert all means of pressure to stop their aggression and violations against civilians and displaced persons.


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