YET ANOTHER HUMAN CRISIS APPREHENDED IN PAKISTAN -Thalassemia Patients cannot find Blood in Lock Down


Islamabad -Pakistan in the World – There are more then 1 lac patients of Thalassemia in Pakistan . Each patient needs 3 to 4 bottles of fresh blood in a month. Major source of blood is donated by the students of collages/ universities, Now the critical issue is that the collages/universities are closed . In case of lock down in entire country , how one can arrange 4 lack bottles of blood.

Another critical point is the only life saving drug for these patients is Desferol injection, by Novartis pharma that is short since last 30 days. Injection having Rs 300 price is not available in the market even on 3 Thousand PKR. If  this situation prevails 30 to 60 days the life of these patients will be at stake.

Its going to be yet another big human crises in Pakistan.

24 March 2020


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