The sun of 10 Nov 2020 rises with the great victory of the sons and daughters of Azerbaijan who wrote the history of sacrifice, forbearance, bravery and courage with their and their loved ones’ blood. Since 27 Sep 2020 they stood tall and undaunted to thwart the cowardly attacks of the enemy onto their motherland.

Not only the soldiers of armed forces but the civilians also received the bullets on their chests to tell the aggressor that the nation united with their military will never give in to your atrocities.

Not only the military and civilians but the women and kids sacrificed their precious lives in terror unleashed by the Armenians. We pray for the martyrs for their high place in jannat and for their families.

Now when the aggressor has admitted defeat, the challenge has not come to the end until unless the whole region under the occupation of Armenia is liberated and a charter of good neighborhood is reached and singed in the guarantee of regional and international players of the great game.

While celebrating the victory need to remain alert and prepared is most important. A cunning adversary becomes more dangerous when defeated.

Remember in Ghazwah e Ohad , The Prophet PBUH directed the group of Muslims to stay vigilant at a certain point whatever happens in the battlefield. It was a strategic location from where the enemy could come back and attack again if defeated in the war.

When the Muslims defeated the enemy in the field , this group of Muslims left this point and joined the others in celebrating the victory and collecting what the enemy left there. The enemy noted this laps , returned back from the same point and the Muslims busy in celebration had to bear great loss in shape of lives.

A note from Islamabad. Pakistan


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