AZERBAIJAN : Incumbent President Ilham Aliyev Clean Sweeps Early Presidential Election with 6% More Popularity than Previous Pole

Tazeen Akhtar from Islamabad Pakistan
Incumbent President of South Caucasian Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev has clean sweep victory in snap Presidential Election held on 07 Feb 2024, almost a year earlier than the actual schedule of the election. He stands taller than ever before , re-elected for another stint of 7 years to head his state and people. Chairman of Central Election Commission, Mr. Mazakhir Panakhov  announced the preliminary results after receiving data  from all 6,537 polling stations.  92.12% of total cast votes are in favor of President Ilham indicating notable growth in his popularity from 86% in previous election to more than 92% today.
Six other candidates for the slot could secure nominal percentage of votes that is not even worth mentioning but here it is ;
Zahid Oruj, independent candidate – 2.17%;
Fazil Mustafa, the Great Order Party – 1.98%;
Gudrat Hasanguliyev, the All-Azerbaijan Popular Front Party – 1.72%;
Razi Nurullayev, the National Front Party – 0.80%;
Elshad Musayev, the Great Azerbaijan Party – 0.66%;
Fuad Aliyev, independent candidate – 0.53%.

Total number of voters is 6 Million 4 78 Thousand 623 while total population of the country is 10 Million. 90 Thousand observers, local and international , were registered only to observe the transparency and inclusiveness in the Presidential election.
It is the first election in the history of the country that has been held in all territories of Azerbaijan as is shared by the authorities for a first and the strongest reason behind why early election is held. The people of newly liberated karabakh region have also used their right of opinion to elect their head of state.
CEC Chairman shared in the press briefing that it was the highest turnout in the history of elections in Azerbaijan. The enthusiasm of voters  was praised by the observers who watched 30% of votes cast withing first two hours of the polling time.
First among who extended congratulations was President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi as both countries enjoy cordial and close relations and cooperation in all sectors. Pakistan supported Azerbaijan in second Karabakh War.
Here is the statment of Pakistani counterpart ;
“Your leadership continues to inspire progress and stability. Pakistan looks forward to strengthening our enduring friendship and cooperation. Best wishes for your continued success!”
Pakistan herself held national and provincial elections on the next day of election in Azerbaijan. Pakistani voters elected their representatives for next 5 year legislatures. This election was much awaited election in Pakistan and the people took part actively in large number.



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