Azerbaijan Nation Casts Vote to Election of New Parliament on Snowy Sunday


Baku/Azerbaijan; 09 Feb 2020 – Azerbaijan nations thronged to poling stations amid very low temprature as the Capital and most of the areas of the country recieved an early morning snow fall following with freezing winds.

Today 09 Feb 2020 was the poling day of snap parliamentary elections meant to bring fresh and young leadership in the Milli Majlis to accelerate the process of reforms in the country that are considered very important as a catalyst in the development of economy and social sector at a time when the country is keeping its soverignty and economic stability secured in a volatile sitution aroung the adjacent regions from Palestine to Iran and from Syria to Libya.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, first lady Mehriban Aliyeva and family members cast their votes at polling station No 6 of Sabail constituency No 29 where the turn over was observed higher than other stations untill the afternoon of Sunday.

Editor Tazeen Akhtar along with other media repersentatives from Pakistan visiting to observe the elections were at a poling station at Bina Gadi in Baku at 12 o clock Sunday. They observed people including women coming to cast their votes. The polling stations was being administered by a very strict presiding officer. The observers of different politcal parties were also present in the poling station.

The number of registered voters at the polling station No 6 of Sabail constituency No 29 is 574. 20 candidates compete for parliamentary seats in the constituency.

Mr Mazahir said, in the meet with the media and observers from Pakistan that, the preliminarty results will start pouring in after the poling time is over at 7 in the evening but the confirmed results will be declared after 20 days of the holding of the elections that is 09 Feb 2020.

Mr. Mazahir said that 79% candidates are male and 21% are female. This parliamentary elections have seen the largest number of female participants that is 276.

Chairman CEC said that maximum measures were taken to keep the elections free and fair. The limit of expenditures in on e constituency was the main question asked. The candidates were boung to open their account at any government bank. The candidae or political party was directed to use this account for all tranzactions. This obligation made it easier and the candidates registered with the government. We are giving money to the bakns but they swallow the haqq of the mother.

Mr Mazahir Panahov while talking to Editor Tazeen Akhtar at Secki Head Office said that number of women candidates has increased. It means women of Azerbaijan are taking interest in their policy and desicion making system that is quite promising.

He said that we do not recommend electronic voting as it has many defects. We prefer manueally checked systems to make the electoral process satisfactory for all.


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