Belgium Celebrates King’s Day: The Grand Opening of Belgian Week 2023

Islamabad, 14 Nov 2023 – The Embassy of Belgium announces the grand opening of Belgian Week in Pakistan with the celebration of King’s Day on November 15.
King’s Day holds a special place in the hearts of Belgians, as it symbolizes unity and reinforces national pride, celebrating the enduring monarchy that has been integral to the nation’s history.
In Belgium, the monarchy is a constitutional one, with the monarch serving as a symbol of continuity. Nevertheless, each of the seven kings since the independence of the country in 1830 managed to weave a strong personal relationship between himself and the Belgians and this manifests again this year 2023, while King Philippe celebrates the 10th anniversary of his oath taking.
The King’s Day in Islamabad will be marked by a VIP reception at the Residence of Belgium, also celebrating 75 years of strong and enduring diplomatic ties between Belgium and Pakistan.
 It will set the stage for a Belgian Week 2023 with cultural, culinary, and diplomatic events:
November 16: King’s Day VIP Reception in collaboration with Hotel Marriott Islamabad
November 17: Recital of French songs by the Belgian artist Stan Pollet at the Belgian Residence, in partnership with the Pakistani musicians Wajih Nizami and Irfan Khan
November 18 to 20: Belgian Culinary Festival in partnership with Ter Groene Poorte of Bruges at Hotel Marriott Islamabad
November 22: Stan Pollet’s recital at Alhamra Concert House, Lahore with Wajih Nizami and Irfan Khan (in partnership with Alliance Française de Lahore)
November 24: Maurice Maeterlinck’s theater play in Urdu by Theater Wallay group at Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad
December 9: Opening of a picture exhibition by the photographers Wendy Marijnissen and Malika Abbas at the VM Gallery in Karachi
The Belgian Week 2023 is aimed at highlighting the enduring friendship between Belgium and Pakistan through events symbolizing bilateral partnerships and cultural exchange. It is an opportunity for Pakistan to experience the best of Belgian culture in three big cities of the country.

Celebrating 75 Years of Bilateral Relations: Belgium and Pakistan



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