Confused Popularity Reaching to its Logical End / Imran’s Surprise / Mission Impossible – Tazeen Akhtar


Tazeen Akhtar

Finally, the Boom of the PTI popularity is reaching to its logical end of few thousand people and that in their own governed city of Rawalpindi that comes under Gov of Punjab. We can give grace marks and acknowledge the number of Rawalpindi Rally was one hundred thousand! Then what? Lahore to Rawalpindi, Peshawar to Rawalpindi, Gilgit to Rawalpindi and Muzaffarabad to Rawalpindi, all strongholds of PTI are directly linked to this city while Islamabad is the twin city where PTI has 3 MNAs and Bani Gala is there itself.Sheikh Rasheed and his nephew are MNAs from Rawalpindi. Rajgaan of Chakkri and many MPAs in Rawalpindi totally failed to bring the people.

I used to visit Imran’s sit in at red zone in 2014. I measured the square feet from the stage (Container) to the last point where even few people were found but still I included the Sq Feet there as well. I put one person in one Sq foot and the maximum number was counted approximately 120 thousand people. I did not attend Imran’s rallies after that and just visited the Rawalpindi rally only because it was near to my residence in Rawalpindi. I can state without any apprehension of contradiction that the number was not more than 100 thousand, let alone 1, 2 ,3 Million as is claimed rather boasted of by the PTI people.
Imran’s so called SURPRISE carries no weight or threat for the system and the federal government. It is mission impossible that Imran had already experienced in 2014. His MPAs and MNAs were reluctant to resignations that time and they are not ready now as well.
Imran’s SURPRISE is ;
1- Resignations from all assemblies
2- Dissolution of Punjab, KPK Assemblies where there are his own governments
Resignations :
PTI MNAs are out of National Assembly for last 7 months and still all of them have not resigned. Confirmed information is known by all that many MNAs conveyed to the speaker that they do not want to resign and please keep the matter pending.
Question is how the MPAs will tender their resignations when the elders (MNAs)failed to set an example for them?
Imran Khan is supposed to recall 2014 when he asked his MNAs MPAs to resign and he had to listen the arguments contrary to his decision.
PTI is not an ideological party. It is a pressure group of opportunists who gathered under one umbrella only to benefit from the popularity of Imran and patronage of the powerful. Now when the powerful hands can not clap for Imran , the MNAs and MPAs would like to materialize their memberships maximum until the last day to be counted for their perks and privileges.
Dissolution of Punjab and KPK Assemblies:
It is not happening. Again a big NO to the Populist SURPRISE. In Punjab, 20% required number of MPAs already have requisited the session. Assembly can not be dissolved at this stage. CM Pervez Elahi did the same after Wazirabad Firing what we noted in July on his selection as CM with the support of PTI. We noted that Pervez Elahi is not Usman Buzdar and everything not will be done in Punjab according to will and wish of Imran. Here too, who knows Pervez Elahi will fulfill his promise of dissolution of assembly if Imran asked for it? Pervez Elahi will look toward the powerful in this regard.
We will not be astonished if Pervez Elahi and PMLN come on one page in saving the assembly in Punjab. It means PMLN will be seen successful in failing the SURPRISE but actually Pervez Elahi’s secret cooperation will support the opposition.
As long As KPK assembly is concerned, the opposition can anytime submit the requisition for the session that will bar CM dissolve the assembly. Here important to note that Governor also has a role in dissolution of the assembly. KPK and Punjab both have governors of PDM parties.
Constitution of Pakistan – Part 4 : Provinces – Chapter: 2-Provincial Assembly
112. Dissolution of Provincial Assembly:
(1) The Governor shall dissolve the Provincial Assembly if so advised by the Chief Minister; and the Provincial Assembly shall, unless sooner dissolved, stand dissolved at the expiration of forty-eight hours after the Chief Minister has so advised.
Explanation: Reference in this Article to ‘Chief Minister’ shall not be construed to include reference to a Chief Minister against whom a notice of a resolution for a vote of no-confidence has been given in the Provincial Assembly but has not been voted upon or against whom a resolution for a vote of no-confidence has been passed.
(2) The Governor may also dissolve the Provincial Assembly in his discretion, but subject to previous approval by the President, where a vote of no-confidence having been passed against the Chief Minister, no other member of the Provincial Assembly commands the confidence of the majority of the members of the Provincial Assembly in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, as ascertained in a session of the Provincial Assembly summoned for the purpose.
Conclusion :
SURPRISE is actually irresponsible behavior from the side of a confused person who claims to be the leader of 220 Million Pakistanis but do not take care of the mandate of the constituencies of the country from which the people has voted for his candidates to represent them in the Parliament and not for resignations or not for just wandering at the roads.
PDM government is totally failed so far in addressing and solving the problems of the public. Inflation is not breaking the records only but breaking the backbone of the poor and middle class but no one is there in the National Assembly to raise the voice of the voters of PTI. No one is there to perform as the real opposition in the lower house to keep the line and length of the government in accordance with the interests of the citizens of Pakistan.
If he succeeds in dissolution of assemblies of Punjab or KPK , then care taker governments can be formed there till the next election and election will certainly be held according to the schedule.
Imran should understand that he is actually leaving the public in lurch instead of fixing the government.Moreover someone should jolt his shoulders and make him sense that if he resigns from all assemblies , no one will be bothered but he himself will become irrelevant in the national politics. Imran’s condition is quite similar to a kid who wants to break the toy into pieces just to express his anger. But he needs to know that such a kid gets slap only because other kids have also the right to play with the same toy.


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