Daughter of Ambassador Beheaded, Killer & Parents Arrested, Society Fears Money will Make the Murderer Go


Islamabad; Eqrar Haroon + Tazeen Akhtar  / 21 July 2021

Another gruesome case of unchecked usage of drugs particularly the lethal ICE in Islamabad . Noor Mukaddam, daughter of former Ambassador of Pakistan , Mr. Shaukat Muqaddam has been murdered in Islamabad.

The killer Zahir Jaffar has been arrested who beheaded the 27-year-old Noor Muqaddam in his house in F-7/4. Initial information suggests the killer Zahir Jaffer has a history of violence and on ICE and has been treated for it.

His family is influential and will probably use his illness as an excuse to reduce charges from murder with intent 302 to murder without intent.

He is CEO of one of the biggest construction companies in Pakistan.

Shaukat Muqaddam has served as ambassador to South Korea and Kazakhstan.

ICE is murdering Islamabad and nobody is serious to control this drug. There are rings and chains targeting single women, divorcees, free and independent women.

ICE business has become a terrible cult in Islamabad. Mafia rent flats or bungalows in posh areas, invite their female friends, put them on ICE, and then the victim is morally, physically, mentally, and financially abused till her dreadful end.

Editor Pakistan in the World Mr Tazeen Akhtar adds to the story that ;

The FIR , her father has registered at Kuhsaar PS reveals that the victim was there at the killers house with her own choice. Her home is at Naval Anchorage while Killers home is in F-7/4 far away from her home. Her father tells police that she was not home when he and his wife came home in the evening on 19 July. When they called her, the mobile phone was off. When they searched for her, calling her friends , she called back and said that she was going to Lahore with friends and will return in a day or two.

“But next day Police called me that my daughter has been murdered. I reached the Police Station from where they took me to Zahir Jaffer’s home at F-7/4. I found my daughter brutally murdered. Her head was chopped off her body.” The unfortunate father noted in the FIR.

Zahir Jaffer is said to be mentally retarded in some posts circulated by the victim’s side fearing the Police and Judiciary can be influenced by the parents of Zahir Jaffer who are very powerful but at the other side Pakistan in the World learnt from reliable sources that he is fit and healthy person because he is working as current chief brand strategist for Ahmed Jaffer & Company (PVT) Ltd. How a chief strategist of a big company can be mentally retarded?

Further the Father has not shared the complete story. There are many questions that need answers to solve this brutal killing case. The victim herself went to the home of Zahir Jaffer? She herself told her father she is with friends. She said she will return soon. It means she was out of home without the parents knowledge and she was happy with friends. This proves that she would most often go out and spend time with friends. IF the “friends” do not include Zahir Jaffer then who are they ? Some of them are those whom the father called. They can also be included in the investigation.

Tazeen Akhtar shares that ;

“I met an eye witness who watched a spot at F-10 Markaz where ICE filled Cigarette packs are available to the customers. This spot is the first right turn into the market when you enter into Markaz from the square of main gate of F-9 Park.”

Inspector General Islamabad and other Police officers @ site of crime 

Islamabad Police officials held a press conference on 23 July in which SSP Ata ur Rehman shared that the accused Zahir was in his senses and we found no mental illness. He tried to assault another person. He had a pistol with bullet but it was not shot. We are searching if he has a criminal record. There is no eye witness of the crime. We will do our best to convict him even if he does not confess his crime.

Tazeen Akhtar adds more on 25 July 2021 from reliable source of PS Kuhsaar Islamabad ;

Noor was trying to jump from room of Zahir / He would drag her Back / Servant Called Parents / They called Therapy Center / The center sent workers who were previously taking care of him as friends / they failed to bring Zahir out / only then one of them broke into room and got bullet fire and injured but till then Noor’s throat was cut – it was only then a neighbor called Police.

The parents of the murdered girl and civil society fears that the billionaire parents of the murderer will spend money to get their son released and send him to USA.


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