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Former MNA from former tribal areas, Mr. Mohsin Dawar has said that the Generals have brought Pakistan at a stage where this company does not seem to work. Collapse is every where except one department that never allowed any other department or institution to run. Every political party has strangulated the democracy only to score a 4 or Sixer. In two provinces , it has passed one year, the system is being run by the care takers. This is a joke with the democracy.
He said this in a seminar on International Day of Democracy held by Shaheed Bhutto Foundation at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology SZABIS on 15 Sep 2023. Chief Executive of the Foundation Asif Khan, former Governer KPK Barrister Masood Kausar, Ms Malayka of PPP and the expert of Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Zafar Ullah Khan also addressed on the topic.


Mohsin Dawar said It was first time in history that a political worker was sitting at the seat of chief justice of Pakistan who says his leader good to see you in the court. How the court can set side the legislation done by the Parliament. Whatever the reservations are on the NAB Amendments, Chief Justice has crossed the limit.
He said ” They (hinting at Generals) say economy is not good. How economy can become better? How some organization or company can succeed when National Logistics Cell NLC and Frontier Works Organization FWO is in the competition? Both these Organizations enjoy extraordinary exemptions and exceptions.”
Regarding posting of a Lt Gen as National Database and Registration Authority , He said ” The justification of appointment of a Lt Gen at NADRA is ‘ He understands the security issues of the country’. They should be asked NADRA has to fight some war or confront the terrorists?
On Democracy , Mohsin said ” Democracy has been made a laughing stock by the political parties themselves that claim to be democratic parties. General Musharraf had experiments on democracy. He adopted the post of Chief Executive as if it was some company and not a country. He used to pick and chose the Prime Ministers. After July 2018, It was hybrid democracy (PTI). Now even hybrid democracy has been finished and the system is handed over to the caretakers. PDM is also part and parcel of making democracy a joke. Why PDM gov dissolved National Assembly 3 days earlier than the right date? It is clear , only to avoid general elections in 90 days.”
He also did postmortem of the operation against the Afghanis. He said only the refugees are the target of this operation. “Their” assets are safe. No one can touch their favorit and we all know who are their favorits because we know where the assets are living in Islamabad, Peshawar etc.
Mohsin Dawar said, ” I have learnt that Army Chief has stated somewhere that no political leader is sincere to the country.”
“On the other side, the damage has been done by the puppets they imposed upon the nation, he emphasized.
The speakers were unanimous that there is no other option for Pakistan than Democracy even if the politicians are good for nothing and corrupt. Democracy is evolution. Let it go and the Public will hold the wrong numbers accountable ousting them from the process in consecutive elections.
The speakers also laid emphasis upon the political parties to bring Democracy within themselves as well. They recommended intra party elections first and the political parties can claim Democracy only after bringing it in themselves.
Here it is also debatable that the present system of election is based on justification or it can be replaced to a better one. In our election system 49 votes go waste and 51 rule the country. The best democracy will be where every vote is counted and matters like proportional election process. The public casts votes in the name of political parties and the number of votes decide how many legislators a party can send to the parliament. In this process every vote is important and everyone feels inclusiveness in the affairs of state that is necessary for a successful state.
Mohsin was asked that how he looks at the fastest legislation in the parliament in last days of the government and what is his opinion on government not obeyed by the decisions of the supreme court? He replied one and avoided the second question. He said ” I opposed the fast legislation at the time.”
Another question asked by many is why every time Ali Wazeer is arrested and not Mohsin Dawar. Both are from same back ground and both are the hard core critics of the establishment? This question is due for Mohsin to reply.

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