DRO’s of Rawalpindi Contradict Former Commissioner’s Allegations of Rigging – PPP PMLN Agree to Form Joint GOVs in Center,Punjab,Balochistan

Tazeen Akhtar
As I have mentioned in the previous article on the “Revelations” of Commissioner Rawalpindi , that the District Returning Officers will contradict the Commissioner blasting the balloon of Rigging, Acting Commissioner Saif Anwar Japha gathered all DROs from Rawalpindi division (Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Jehlam, Attack districts) and held a press conference on 18 Feb today. They categorically rejected what former Commissioner Liaqat Ali Chatha stated in his press conference on 17 Feb.
Second positive development, in terms of setting up of next set up smoothly is consensus among PMLN and PPP on forming joint governments in Center, Punjab and Balochistan. Earlier, PMLN had refused to form government in the state of affairs where PPP was not joining and rigging allegations were looming everywhere.
PPP will get the seats of President and Speaker of National Assembly in center with some ministries, few ministries in Punjab while in Balochistan, CM will be from PPP. Decision about Chairman Senate and Governors will be taken later.
Former Commissioner and PTI have lost their own repute in a sense that the corruption stories and links between them are being exposed that can not be denied easily. PTI stands for justice but so far this party has not demanded arrest and punishment to former Commissioner when he has admitted everything.
Further, a commissioner level officer is never supposed to behave like what Liaqat Ali did on 17 Feb. His connections with PTI, Corruption scandals during his previous postings at different stations in Punjab, announcing resignation only few days before his retirement is being seen as his political move rather his sincerity with country.
PMLN has gained in term of PPP as another major party on board that means the responsibilities next are not on PMLN shoulders only. Moreover both parties has defeated the challenges of PTI + Establishment and PTI+Popularity in the past.
PPP and PMLN will sit for another round of dialogue tomorrow evening in Islamabad to finalize the structure and strategy for next political set up in the country that will help reduce the political instability and confusion in Pakistan.



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