FAKE NEWS ‘Plan to throw Pakistani students into the war in Russia and Ukraine in the name of scholarship’

ISLAMABAD : The Russian Embassy has taken note of an article published in Roznama Jasarat ‘Plan to throw Pakistani students into the war in Russia and Ukraine in the name of scholarship’ on February 17, 2024 (https://www.jasarat.com/2024/02/17/russia-ukraine-war-2/). This sloppily written article contains baseless speculations about Russia’s alleged plans and activities to involve Pakistani students in the Special Military Operation.
The unnamed author claims that Pakistani students are being lured to Russia with scholarships with the ultimate goal of recruiting them in ‘a private army’. It is also alleged that the Pakistani students are invited to the Russian Embassy and given ‘initial Russian language sessions’. However, having made such bold statements, the author did not bother to provide any facts or references to sources to support his claims.

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The Russian Embassy strongly rejects these absolutely false allegations and states that Russia has never had and doesn’t have any plans to recruit Pakistani citizens. The accusations against the Embassy are absurd and contradict a basic fact: the Embassy does not provide any language training since it is not an educational institution. Thus, we regard this article as a vivid example of deliberate misinformation and fake news.
Keeping in view of the friendly relations and a high level of cooperation between Russia and Pakistan, the Russian Embassy insists that this response must be published in Roznama Jasarat in both print and electronic versions to convey Russia’s stance to the Pakistani public. The Embassy is open to interaction with Roznama Jasarat and other Pakistani media and ready to provide all necessary assistance to ensure unbiased coverage of Russia-related matters.

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