Gov of Islamabad not Interested in Arrest of Imran – Looking Toward ECP + SCP to Fix him for Good

(Tazeen Akhtar)
Government of Pakistan is not considering the arrest of Imran Khan only to avoid his further image building. Government is expecting that Imran Khan will soon be fixed in a way that he will have no way out in a long period of time. This impression was extracted from a discussion with Minister of State, Faisal Karim Kundi at the Chinese new year celebration event organized at Monal Group of Companies at Asian wok by CEO Luqman Ali Afzal on 20 Jan 2023.
I noted that Imran is not in government in both provinces now, where he can hide to avoid arrest? Muzaffarabad or Gilgit?
Faisal did not comment on this but certainly he still has a place in Lahore, that is Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Who will take a risk to arrest a popular leader with fractured leg in the hospital?
Faisal said, ” If Government arrests Imran , he can be bailed out in few days from the court. This will enhance his popularity and government is not ready for that. Better he is fixed in a manner that can not be undone.
This raises the question P D M is expecting some ruling from Election Commission and its confirmation from the superior judiciary? For example foreign funding case.
Matter of fact is the P D M government has lost its worth rapidly for not controlling the inflation and dollar. Therefore the government of Islamabad can not bear the reaction of the workers of PTI if their Chairman is arrested.
I questioned him that two assemblies dissolved and 70 resignations accepted and notified in National Assembly, that makes the fresh election imperative now. P D M is ready for that ? Faisal answered ” holding of new elections is prerogative of Election Commission of Pakistan. We are ready to contest new elections.
I asked him PPP will get more seats in Punjab in next election? PPP can restore its presence in Punjab from 7 seats to 70 seats? Faisal replied ” PPP is focused on South Punjab in next election. We will win more seats than the previous election. He did not confirm 7 to 70. He shared an estimation of less than 30.
To a question about PPP and Jamat e Islami alliance in Karachi for local government, Faisal said,” This is our priority and we are working for agreement. This is the best way out for the betterment of the metropolitan city. If Jamat e Islami forge an alliance with PTI , it can not work itself and can not deliver to the citizens of Karachi.”
Here it is worth mentioning that PPP is in power in Sindh. Karachi local government can not survive without the support of PPP. Jamat and PTI can not solve the public problems if join hands and form local government.


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