Hafter is Aggressor – We will Defend Libya from Bloodshed – Faiez Mustafa Serraj


Countries Interfering in our Affairs should Fear Allah – Address by H.E. Mr. Faiez Mustafa Serraj, President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Libya

On Military Moves of General Hafter Around the capital Tripoli

Our great Libyan people

These days , our country is going through exceptionally dangerous circumstances, due to erroneous political calculation by some local and international parties, that come at the expense of issues affecting the security and stability of the homeland, the unity of its soil and the territorial integrity of the country. This has to be addressed to you in every part of our beloved country and to the world that is closely watching the events on our soil, especially with regard to the most serious humanitarian issue, the issue of war and peace.

We have been just for a few days ago, talking and all optimistic, about the existence of the real opportunity to achieve security, peace and stability in our country, and there where consensus and understandings on the exclusion of the military solution to the Libyan crisis. The comprehensive national forum put forward by the UN envoy is the gateway to a stable stage of building a democratic civil state.

Regrettably, there were those who lay in these hopes, hiding a trend aimed at undermining the political process from the ground up, and plunging the county into a cycle of violence and destructive war, driven by personal desires and individual fancies.

Our Libyan people

Since we came as the head of this Council. we have sought to promote reconciliation among our one people. We have met various parties and made many concessions for the sake of our motherland, ending the state of conflict and division, bridging the gap and healing wounds away from political, regional and ideological outbidding. Our greatest concern was to avoid bloodshed, to secure the safety of citizens, to protect the institutions of society and the state, and to keep the source of food of Libyans away from political conflict and military escalation.

Our direction have always been and still in Libya’s interest and nothing else. In the framework of this, our meetings with many Libyan parties, including Mr. Hafter, have taken place on many occasions, from Al-Raimma, through Paris and Palermo, to the meeting of Abu Dhabi in which we have prioritized the interests of the nation and we have put forward good intentions despite all the criticisms directed at us. All these meetings were in the framework of ending the crisis of the country, emphasizing the civil state and the democratic process, and lifting the suffering of the Libyans and we have spared no effort. We were outraged by the understandings these meetings produced and we sought to build upon them.

Everyone knows that we have instructed our officers to engage in a series of talks in Cairo, to unify the military establishment, and we have held difficult discussions and negotiations with all local, regional and international parties related to the Libyan issue. We ave worked intensively with the United Nations Mission to support the National Collective Forum, in an effort to build a modern democratic civil state, with a view to strengthening the state of civil peace among all components of Libyan society.

As the solution began to loom in the horizon, and Libyans portended the good and the world’s attention was focused on Libya. During our hosting of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Covenant was overturned, a try of stabbing in the back and we were surprised by military moves accompanied by a mobilizing speech of Haftar, it’s vocabulary brings us back to the time of dictatorship and totalitarian rule, talking about the conquests and the liberation of our cities and our capital of terrorism and criminals, neglecting the sacrifices of our youth and the suffering of their parents and their families, who set heroic epics in the face of terrorists and their supporters, and what we achieved by the liberation of Sirte and what our forces on top of them Albunyan Almarsous were able, in a record time, to accomplish and what our young people have made of heroism to defend the homeland in other regions. On the contrary ,He sends our sons to the fate of the unknown to fuel a war no winners in it but all losers. , And undermines the efforts of the Libyans and the international community to set a peaceful solution and to sit down for dialogue. Nothing He can achieve from this but to undermine all endeavors and efforts aimed to resolve the crisis and to ignite a war in order to further bloodshed.

Our great Libyan people
Officers and all members of the Libyan armed forces and their support forces

We have extended our hand to peace, but the attack that took place from the forces of Haftar, and his declaration of war on our cities and capital, and thus his announcement of a coup d’etat on the political agreement, he will not find from us but firmness and strength, so we issued our instructions and we announced the state of general mobilization for all Libyan armed forces and the security services, and at this time we salute our valiant Libyan armed forces, which are still coming from all over the country, for what they made and still made of sacrifices to protect civilians and to defend the dream of the Libyans in a sovereign civil state.

We hereby emphasize that all those involved and participating in acts that have caused loss of life and destruction of public and private properties will be brought to the local and international courts.

In these circumstances that imposed on us, we reassure all citizens in the areas of operations on their lives and property. We assure all that this conflict is not a regional or tribal conflict in any way. We will never get dragged into it, and we reiterate the call for all Libyans throughout the country from the east and west and from the north to south. The necessity of giving priority to the interests of the nation, unifying the ranks, and working together to lift Libya out of this crisis.

I say to the international community, you should not equate between the aggressor and the self-defender, or between those who seek the militarization of the State and those committed to a democratic civil state.

And a final word for the countries that support fighting between Libyan; Fear Allah, stop interfering in our affairs, lift your hands off my country.

God Bless Libya
God Save Libya


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